Alvina Ng

ART Chairperson, AY 16/17
Grad DipCS, 2009, MCS, 2012, Sane Committee (2009-2012)
ART Committee, 2014 – Present

Dear fellow alumni,

About a month ago, my father passed away suddenly. He had an acute heart attack though he did not have a history of heart concerns, and this happened when he was away with my mum and brother.

Amongst the people who came to the wake was a group of BGST classmates turned friends. We shared various classes together back in 2006 and spent our Wednesdays attending chapel, praying and studying together. They are special to me as I consider them dear friends, gems in a context like BGST where our contact tends to be more touch-and-go.

I share this to show a shift in how ART will move in the coming days in our interactions with ARN. It will be three-prong: prayer, connectedness and networking.

We want to come alongside you to pray for you and support you where you are, be it in family, church, work or ministry. You can email your request to David Leong at and indicate your preference for it to be shared amongst ART, ARN or BGST.

We desire to create more connectedness among the alumni so that we are not just classmates who sit together in a class and forget each other’s names thereafter.

We would love to have more networking platforms so that you feel the value-add of being in a network that is cross-denomination and made up of varied vocations.

Why these strategies? Because my dream for ARN is this:

To be connected
to be a community
so that we can be a blessing
to the church and beyond.

When each of us disparate dots are connected together through our paths having crossed at BGST, we have the potential of being a community that is layered with multi talents. If we can come together with one heart to bless the kingdom of God, instead of simply within your church or mine, we begin to exist for a purpose larger than ourselves. And when we cease to be insular but reach out to others beyond our comfortable church domains, we are then indeed fulfilling the purpose God has called us to as His children.

Let us cherish the connections that God has given us in BGST and continue to offer these for the extension of His kingdom, for the glory of His name, wherever He has placed us.

Together with me this AY is a team of people who are rich in various experience: David Leong, Tan Eng Beng, Andrew Lim & Marcus Mok.

Do help us understand your needs better by filling out this survey too at We hope to plan activities that are close to your heart 🙂 We appreciate your feedback before 7 Jan 2017.

Yours sincerely,

Alvina Ng

ART Chairperson AY 16/17

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