Upper left: Marcus Mok, Tan Eng Beng, David Leong, Andrew Lim

Lower left: Ho Peng Kee, Alvina Ng, Philip Satterthwaite



Prof Ho
A/P Ho Peng Kee, Advisor

Ho Peng Kee (Associate Professor) is an Associate Professorial Fellow at the Law Faculty, National University of Singapore. He also chairs the Home Team Volunteer Network Steering Committee at the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Advisory Committee on Community Mediation at MinLaw. These are bro-pono positions. Having held public office for 20 years (1991-2011), he sees these and other causes he advocates as forms of continued interaction with society. Peng Kee is an Elder at Mount Carmel BP Church and is married to Choy Ping, a retired lawyer. They have 3 adult daughters and are still waiting for their first grandchild! He sees living out God’s Word where He puts us as critical and is happy to help promote this cause at BGST.

Dr Philip Satterthwaite, Faculty Representative

Philip Satterthwaite is a British Citizen. Since January 2011 he has been Principal of the Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST). He has been Lecturer in Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at BGST since May 1998. Before that he was Research Fellow in Hebrew & Aramaic at Tyndale House, Cambridge (1993-1998) and Lecturer in Classical Languages at the University of Transkei, S. Africa (1990-1993). His main research areas are: the Old Testament Historical books; the Septuagint. In 2007 his book Exploring the Old Testament 2: The Histories (written in collaboration with J.G. McConville) was published by SPCK/IVP. Philip has preached and taught in a number of churches in Singapore. He is a member of Prinsep Street Presbyterian church. He is married to Eileen.


Alvina Ng, ART Chairman,Master in Christian Studies, 2012

Alvina graduated with an MCS in 2012 and is a member of Covenant Evangelical Free Church. She helps with facilitating the Word at CG level and enjoys going on mission trips to various places. She is presently a social worker at a Family Service Centre, seeing clients with financial, parenting and marital issues. She also delivers talks that meet the needs of the community, crafting the materials to suit the audience, be it church, grassroots or schools.

Andrew Lim, Master in Christian Studies, 2014

Elder (Dr) Andrew Lim is married with 2 adult children and worships at Hebron Bible-Presbyterian Church. He sees himself as a Christian who happens to be a doctor, works as a Family Physician with Healthway Medical Group, and graduated with M.B., B.S. (S’pore) in 1974. He has been blessed by godly men from Bethesda (Katong) Church, the Navigators, amongst others. As he has been blessed, he wants to bless others, applying the Gen. 12-15 principle: Blessed to bless others Andrew completed intensive training in C.T., R.T.[??] with the William Glasser Institute in 2010, completed theological studies at Singapore Bible College with Grad. Dip. in Christian Studies in 2011 and received MC.S from BGST in 2014. His interests include reading, networking with people over dinner fellowships and some travelling.

David Leong, Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies, 1995; Master of Divinity, 1998

David joined the Alumni Resource Team in end 2015. He has been (and is still) working in the marketplace since 1984 after completing his bachelors degree in NUS. After completing his theological studies with BGST, he continued as an adjunct tutor in New Testament from 1999 to 2011. David has been worshipping with the local spiritual community at Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church since 1994 and currently serves as an elder. Although he went through a dark night of the soul experience culminating in the Lord taking his wife home to Himself in 2009, he counts himself still blessed with 2 loving daughters. Kindled since VCF days, he loves reading especially Christian books. These days David still tries to, despite being busy with both work and ministry, reads widely, not just in the Christian categories but also in the areas of leadership and management.

Marcus Mok, Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies, 2016

Marcus joined the Alumni Resource Team as a new member in mid-2016, after graduating recently from the Graduate Diploma programme. He is learning the ropes of facilitating the Alumni Resource Network Facebook page and looks forward to building a closely-knitted alumni community through social media. Marcus currently teaches Chinese language in a secondary school, and serves as an interpreter and Bible class teacher in Truth Baptist Church. He is happily married to his wife, Wei Ling, and the Lord has blessed them with 2 young and lovely kids. His reading interest includes church history, apologetics and ministry related books.

Tan Eng Beng, Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies, 1995

Eng Beng joined the Alumni Resource Team (ART) in late 2016, and is still figuring out where the ropes are. He looks forward to writing for ART and the Alumni Relations Network (ARN) to help everyone get to know the alumni and the activities lined up for them better. He worships at Geylang Evangelical Free Church, is recently retired (but is now back in the marketplace), and is the husband of one lovely wife and three adult children. He completes the trio of bookworms amongst the new ART members, though his reading staple tends to be work reports.

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