So The Word Of The Lord Grew Mightily: Gospel Expansion In Acts

NT263, 1.5 CREDITS



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10 sessions, with approx. 1 hour of recorded lecture for each session (see course sessions and topics, below).
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The Lecturer & Tutor

Rev. Dr Bruce Winter

holds a PhD in Ancient History, Macquarie University, Sydney and has a long standing interest in the intersection of the first-century Graeco-Roman World and the New Testament. He has published 4 books on this important theme, including the influential study After Paul left Corinth (2001) and is also the Series editor and a contributor to the 5 volumes on The Book of Acts in its First Century Setting (1993-96).


Bruce has lectured at Moore Theological College, Beeson Divinity School, and the Queensland Theological College, where he was Principal until retirement at the end of 2011. For 19 years he was Warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a member of the Divinity Faculty, Cambridge University, and a Fellow of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge.

About the Course

Acts is Luke’s second volume that recounts the expansion of the gospel that finishes with Paul in Rome awaiting trial following his appeal as a Roman citizen to the emperor, Nero. Most Christians do not have a comprehensive understanding of Acts which Luke himself divides into 5 sections. At the end of each section he pauses to recount how the Word of Lord is growing and is unstoppable.

This course aims to help understand not only the Book of Acts in its First Century Setting but also assist in grasping its overall message and its relevance for contemporary discipleship in Singapore.

Course Objectives

In the course, participants will:

a) Develop an overview of the Book of Acts, understanding its authorship, purpose, structure, themes and message.

b) Gain rich insight into the historical background to the people, places, speeches and other references in Acts.

c) Grow spiritually, through appreciating the unfolding of God’s sovereign plan for the gospel, as recounted in Acts.

Academic Information

Required Readings:

Students enrolling are required to have read the Book of Acts through twice before the course begins. During the lectures copies of the relevant section of the series The Book of Acts in its First Century Setting will be distributed for reading.


  1. MCQ [20%]
  2. Book Review [20%]
  3. Essay [60%]
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