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BGST recognises that believers often find the gap between their vocation and what they do and learn in church wider than they can manage. Too often the training of lay persons is brief and disjointed. BGST hopes to offer a thorough and systematic study programme for lay people, to help them live out their Christian faith in their vocations and be more effective in serving God.

Though most applicants will have completed a first degree or its equivalent, admission to our programmes is not based only on academic qualifications. Students who are prepared to meet the standards of the School are encouraged to apply and every effort will be made by lecturers/tutors to assist adult learners in coping with the course requirements.

BGST holds firmly to the conviction that theological training must grapple with the philosophies and theologies that have shaped and are still shaping thought and action in the world today. To this end, it emphasises not only the development of biblical and theological knowledge, but also the acquisition of analytical, critical and integrative skills in interpreting the Scriptures. This emphasis is reflected in the content of the courses, the teaching-learning methods used, the assessment exercises and everything else that goes into our programmes.

In providing such training, BGST also seeks to increase the pool of suitably trained persons who can assist their pastors or leaders in the pastoral ministry of the Church as well as others who work alongside the Church.

Churches also need godly and faithful leaders who are well-grounded in the Holy Scriptures and equipped in other ways to build up the people of God. Though BGST’s main focus is lay training, we also welcome those who want to prepare for full-time church-based ministry.

BGST welcomes students from overseas. By extending our training to Christians from other countries BGST seeks to share God’s blessing with these brothers and sisters, learning from them and forging a close link and partnership between churches in Singapore and elsewhere.

BGST regularly holds public lectures and seminars, which aim to encourage lay people to reflect theologically on how to bring Christian faith to bear on everyday life.

BGST regularly publishes newsletters and pamphlets, in which we hope to deal with special concerns in a focused manner.

BGST sees itself as offering a service to the churches of Singapore and as complementing the work of other theological schools. We welcome close partnership with Bible-believing churches and theological schools.


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