To welcome and onboard our new students, we have a BGST welcome pack in the form of a micro-learning course that is accessible online to help students orientate to BGST life as a student. Please visit – Welcome to BGST – from this site: courses.bgst.edu.sg

Students can also have the option to journey along together with an Alumni during their time with BGST as a theological student through the Alumni Mentorship Programme. Please write to contact@bgst.edu.sg to inform us of your interest.

BGST’s Education Resources comprise of two digital libraries and a print library. The Digital Theological Library (DTL) allows access to over 600K digital books, 60 million articles. The Overdrive Digital Resource (ODR) allows access to around 600 e-books and a few audiobooks. The print library is a physical library located at BGST’s office. Please see Library Opening Hours on our website to plan your visit.

All courses are supported by the Thinking Learning Management System (LMS). To learn how to use the LMS, please visit our online onboarding course – Welcome to BGST – from this site: courses.bgst.edu.sg

Most students start with 1-2 courses in one semester. On average, students need to devote 7.5 hours each week for a 3-credit class. Over a semester, the time commitment for a 3-credit course is:

                  Lectures: 30 hours

                  Required Readings, Assignments, Tutorials, Exams (if any): 90 hours

                  Total: 120 hours

You can adjust the number of courses to take, depending on the availability of your time and commitments. If you are in a programme study, please see the required course credits to fulfil for your programme. Each programme has a maximum duration for completion.


The essence of BGST’s programmes are flexibility and accessibility. Programmes may be taken part-time over an extended number of years (though it can be completed more quickly than that). 

The maximum period of completion of programmes, depending on the nature of commitment are:

Full-time Part-time Credits
GCBS | GCTS | GCSF 6 months 2 years 15
GDCS 1 year  4 years 30
DipTS 1.5 years 5 years 37
MATIS 2 years  6 years  60
MDiv 3 Years 8 years 90

If you require a leave of absence, possibly due to:

  1. Work re-location or significant workload issue;
  2. Unforeseen family commitments; or
  3. Health issues, e.g., surgery, illnesses

You can write to BGST for a Leave of Absence from your study for up to a period of 6 months. This would be subject to case-by-case review and approval.

Students are expected to finance their entire education costs. The costs include programme fees, course fees, student fees, accommodation costs and living expenses. The school is not responsible for assisting applicants in finding financial sponsors.

All students are required to pay an annual Student Fee, as a student at BGST, at the start of each Academic Year in July. Depending on whether students sign up as Programme or Non-programme students, or whether they sign up for courses taken for Audit or Credit, the appropriate fees will apply accordingly. 

Please visit courses.bgst.edu.sg/pages/fees for the full list of applicable fees. 

The spouse of a full-time student in any programme (i.e., one registered for at least 9 credits for the current semester) pays the following fees for courses registered within the same semester:

Up to 3 credits (audit) Complimentary
Up to 6 credits (credit) 50% of course fees

This is applicable only for course fees. The spouse must go through the regular registration procedures and payment for all other expenses.

Payment of all applicable fees can be made through here: courses.bgst.edu.sg/pages/fees

For over 10 years, the Alumni Students’ Network (ASN) (formerly ‘Alumni Resource Network' (ARN)) has facilitated community life within BGST. Led by its committee – Alumni Resource Team (ART), ASN continues to find new ways of linking alumni and students, offering opportunities to integrate faith, work, and life and providing platforms for mentorship among alumni and students. 

If you wish to be a part of this community, click the WhatsApp group link HERE to join the today for regular updates!

BGST is a postgraduate school. The minimum requirement for entry to any BGST’s programme is a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised institution or the equivalent with a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of a possible 4.0. The personal and spiritual aspects of the applicant will also be considered. Decisions made will be based upon the whole application.

Those who do not possess a first degree may sign up for audit courses or take most classes for credit under ‘Non-Programme Studies’. They can also sign up for any BGST Graduate Certificate. They must obtain an average grade of B- for their BGST courses to graduate from their grad cert. Upon graduation, they can be eligible to apply for any higher BGST programmes.

For admission details, pls refer to the Admissions Application Form. 

The minimum qualifications and admission pre-requisites for BGST Programmes are:

  1. A Bachelor degree from a recognised institution or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 2.5; those who do not possess a first degree may take a BGST course for audit or credit before deciding to enter into a programme.
  2. A BGST Certificate with a minimum grade of B-
  3. Personal and spiritual aspects of the applicant will be considered.

International Students intending to be a Programme Student are required to observe these requirements.

  1. Before admission to studies at BGST all international applicants who are not native English speakers must submit, with their application, an official International English Language Testing System (Academic English) (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. Applicants must obtain a 550 (paper-based test), 213 (computer-based test) or 78 (Internet-based test) for TOEFL. Alternatively, they must obtain a minimum score of 6.0 for IELTS. Scores, not more than two years old, should be submitted to the Registrar from the Test Centre. Information about the tests and the location of test centres may be obtained from http://www.ielts.org and http://toefl.org
  2. Upon acceptance, we will send a set of the Student Pass Application Forms to the student. Acceptance into BGST does not include automatic issue of a Student Pass by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. A Student Pass will only be granted to a student enrolled full-time at an institution. The Student Pass application must be submitted at least two months and not more than six months from the course commencement date. 

Students who have completed theological training of a level comparable to that of BGST may be able to transfer credits of their coursework obtained from their previous institutions. Alternatively, they may be granted exemptions from BGST required courses on the basis of such previously completed course-work. The terms for transfers or exemptions are set out in a separate document ‘BGSTs Policy on Transfers of Credits and Course Exemptions’ available from BGST Office.

All transfers or exemptions must be specially applied for. There are no automatic transfers or exemptions. Applications should be made in writing to the Registrar, and must be accompanied by the relevant transcripts and other documentation. Please note that students may only transfer up to 1/3 of the credits required by their programme. Approval for such applications will be at the discretion of BGST.

As soon as ALL application papers are received, the application will be processed and potential students will be notified of their admission status. A student whose application is incomplete may enrol in a first course but should make every effort to complete the application process as soon as possible. If the student is not admitted into a programme, the student will be considered a Non-programme Student. Applicants accepted into BGST Programme study need to register for courses.

Before registering for courses, students may consult their faculty advisors concerning programme requirements and course offerings. However, the responsibility remains solely upon the student to ensure all programme requirements are fulfilled.

The Course Schedule for each semester is usually uploaded in May (for Semester 1 courses) and November (for Semester 2 courses) on the BGST Programmes and Courses (BPC) site https://courses.bgst.edu.sg/pages/courses 

Please visit our courses site to learn which courses are offered for Live or SPL: https://courses.bgst.edu.sg/ 

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