This is jointly offered by Trinity Theological College (TTC) and BGST. The DipTS is particularly designed for lay people and working professionals, and may be taken part-time over five years (though it can be completed more quickly than that). Courses for this programme may be taken at either TTC or BGST.

The essence of this programme is flexibility and accessibility. Courses at TTC are offered mainly during the day, courses at BGST in the evening and in private study format. Given the wide range of options offered by the combination of TTC’s and BGST’s resources, it is possible to complete the DipTS within the 5-year deadline.

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OT Foundations I and II (OT101 & OT102) Old Testament I and II 6 credits
NT Foundations I and II (NT101 & NT102) New Testament I and II 6 credits
The Christian Faith (TS101) and

Theological Foundations I and II (TS211 & TS212)

Theology I, II and III 9 credits
History of Christianity I and II (CH101 & CH102) Church History I and II 6 credits
Biblical Hermeneutics and Interpretation (HE101) Introduction to Biblical Interpretation 3 credits
Christianity, Culture and Society (ID101) OR
Vocation, Work & Ministry (MM101)
3 credIts
33 credits


These can be taken from any area in the curriculum.

4 credits


37 credits


Students who have completed the DipTS may have their credits transferred to either:

  1. the Master in Christian Studies or Master of Divinity Programmes in BGST; OR
  2. the Master of Theological Studies or Master of Divinity Programmes at TTC (please check with TTC website or Registrar’s Office for details).

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