BGST’s aspiration is that all Christians become effective ambassadors for Christ where they are called to: at work, in church and in the communities they serve in.  To support them, we seek to become a lifelong learning institute where Christians can be equipped to flourish and serve effectively.

Student Membership

Christians can participate in our learning community in different ways. By signing up as a Student Member ($50 p.a),
you can visit and use our physical library for your personal learning and work.

As a student, you can also deepen your learning by registering for

1. Library Membership ($150 p.a) which will give you borrowing access to more than 1.5 million digital and physical books.
2. BGST Courses as audit students, where you learn at your own pace, without the pressure of completing assignments.
If you are up to it, sign up as a credit or programme student, where you can learn more deeply through one of our programmes or courses.

Next Steps

Begin by signing up for BGST’s Student Membership here.

If you are ready to register up for a course, sign up for both the student and Library memberships here.

If you are unsure which course to take, register for our Oikos package, which will not only provide you with our library membership,
but also a $150 course voucher which you can apply to any course during the academic year.

Note: From AY2023 onwards, the programme admission and upgrading fees will be phased out in lieu of the student membership.

BGST Community Network

You can also join the BGST Community Network which is open to new and existing students, and also our graduates. It is led by the BGST Collective which organises regular community building events and mentoring support for our students and alumni. To join the BGST Community, email:

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