There are several features of online education that make it different from the traditional mode of classroom education. Individuals who thrive in online education tend to be:

  • Flexible
  • Self-motivated and self-directed
  • At ease with reading and writing
  • Comfortable with the use of technology

Traditional Classroom Learning

Online Learning

Fixed course schedule with standard times and venues for classes, tutorials and assignment submissions.

Flexible schedule - choose where you want to access the online modules, and complete the lessons at your own pace/timing.

Lessons are teacher-directed - the teacher directs how you learn and enforces deadlines.

Self-motivated and self-directed - you have to determine your own pace of study and make sure that you adhere to the deadlines on your own.

Lectures and tutorials are a mix of face-to-face lectures, discussions, and written assignments.

Lectures are mostly in the form of video or audio recordings. Learning activities involve either reading/writing - you will have to read many books on your own, and write out all your assignments.

Minimal use of technology.

While online learning does not require very complicated uses of technology, you will need to be comfortable with technology at the very least - you will need access to a computer, and be able to navigate the online Moodle platform.

Online Student Manual

Want to know more about BGST Online? Check out our BGST Online Student Manual here.
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