Date: June 2022

Position: Registrar & Head, Administration (RHA)

Reporting to: The Principal

Employment Type: Full-time

Summary of Position

BGST is looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position of Registrar & Head, Administration (RHA).

The RHA must share the vision and mission of the school and lead the Academic Administration team. The incumbent will work closely with the Principal to manage, implement and continually improve BGST’s academic services, as BGST transforms into a school of excellence for lifelong learning for the laity.

He / She will also engage both internal and external stakeholders including the board, faculty, associate lecturers, students, alumni, educational partners and vendors of BGST.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

The work of the RHA entails:

  1. Providing leadership to the school’s academic administration team.
  2. Managing the school’s academic administration, including academic policies and procedures, degree audits and accreditation, student admissions, enrolment, evaluation, student assessment coordination, maintain student records and transcripts, scheduling, Convocation services, and management reporting.
  3. Managing the school’s general administrative needs covering human resource, procurement, facilities management, and systems and services to support the school.
  4. Administering the governance and compliance needs of the school, including data and institutional compliance, regulatory submissions, board meetings, general meetings.
  5. Implementing academic programmes to develop BGST’s lifelong learning pathway. This covers the progression from microlearning courses to short-term certificates and postgraduate programmes.
  6. Administering the recruitment, management, reimbursement and evaluation of Associate Lecturers.
  7. Planning for near- and long-term academic IT needs of the school.

Qualifications and Experience
The candidate is a degree holder and:

  1. Has at least 5-10 years’ working experience in higher education academic administration.
  2. Has strong project management and problem-solving skills, with knowledge and application of business processes.
  3. Familiar with educational technologies, e.g., student information and learning management systems, and how to deploy them to support academic administrative processes.
  4. Has strong communication and writing skills.
  5. A team player and with strong inter-personal skills

Theological education of minimally a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies, though not essential, would be advantageous for the candidate.

The candidate should email his/her resume to Dr Lai Pak Wah at

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