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15 - 21 JANUARY 2001

Quote for the Week:         "Take no thought of harvest, but only of proper sowing." T.S. Eliot


    We are happy to announce that Mrs Pauline Koe and I am co-editing MMM, now renamed "BGST This Week". Mrs Peck will soon commence her sabbatical in Israel. We wish her well and pray for God’s protection over her.
    Although a new editorial arrangement is now in place we’ll keep up the tradition of MMM bringing you light relief as BGST begins a new week. There’ll be a fair sprinkling, of course, of some ‘heavy stuff’ too so that there will something for everyone. No doubt some of you think you already know who’ll be writing the light stuff and who the heavy. But you never can tell ... perhaps you’ll be surprised! So this is the new format. We hope you like it. We would love to receive your comments, bouquets as well as brickbats! (Dr Quek Swee Hwa)

 Good Books 

    Candle Books is to be congratulated on two beautifully produced, full colour, coffee table books on the Bible Lands: In the Steps of Our Lord and In the Steps of the Apostle Paul. BGST is happy to add these to its growing collection of books on archaeology and the Bible Lands. The text is by the late Prof. F. F. Bruce, whose crisp, incisive and accurate descriptions of biblical places, peoples, and events betray his encyclopaedic knowledge of the rich and fascinating history associated with this part of the world. His fairness in treating problematic issues is also evident to the discerning reader. In all the places covered, the explanations given, and the choice of places covered (it is impossible to include every possible site), give these books an appeal to a wider reading public than just the scholarly community. Those with only a minimal aquaintance with theological and archaeological issues will find these books very helpful, as will also others with a serious scholarly bent. At a fraction of the cost of traveling to Bible Lands and without the danger associated with such trips, one can sit in the relative comfort of an armchair and ‘travel’ with Jesus and Paul to Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece. The stunning clarity of the photographs surpasses any view I have personally seen myself.. If you drop by BGST Library, you must pause at our "Good Books" display corner and enjoy reading or glancing through these two books.

News Bits

    Dr and Mrs J. W. Maris have adapted well to a totally different culture, cuisine, language and environment. We, on the other hand are enjoying their European English and are getting a good dose of theology to boot. Some of us are amazed at Dr Maris’s liking for sambal chilli and for durians, really smelly and heavenly. They remind him of Dutch cheese and both go well together with a glass of wine.
    Towards the end of Dr Maris’s first course, "The Holy Spirit – Lord and Giver of Life" many decided to sign up for the next course, "Man – Created in the Image of God". So we hope that those who are still sitting on the fence will remember that: 
  1. it is possible to take a course by audit – i.e., with no assignments or exams – rather than by credit; and 
  2. the first double session, Monday, 15 January, 7-10 pm, at Room 3-02 on the third floor of our Bishan premises, is FREE. You can decide after that whether or not you wish to continue. 
    We warn you that there is a likelihood that you will catch the theology bug and might end up actually signing up for this short, 1.5 credit, course which continues for only three more evenings, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. For more information, please call BGST Office, tel. 3538071.

    Dr Satterthwaite would like to inform the students who took his Hebrew Exegesis classes last year that copies of R.Alter’s The Art of Biblical Narrative and The Art of Biblical Poetry are now available, and may be collected from his office. If you had requested a copy of either of these books, please collect it as soon as possible. 

    Dr Moira Lee is enjoying her new and challenging work environment at Temasek Polytechnic. We wish her God’s blessings and are glad that she is able to participate in our 10th Convocation where, together with the rest of the Faculty and Staff of BGST, she will have the pleasure of seeing the students whom she had taught receive the honours that they deserve. 

    Email Contact. If you missed last week’s MMM you might appreciate having the email addresses of Mrs S. M. Peck and Mr Walter Edman to keep in touch with them: they are and WalterEdman@compuser

Please continue praying for Evelyn Cheok. Last week we requested prayer for Evelyn (BGST Alumnus, ’91), who went through a harrowing time recently in Chad when she was assaulted as she went about her missionary work. Do continue to pray for her and also for other BGST alumni who are serving God in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, China and other places. 


Sat, 20 January 2001,7.00 pm

    BGST is presently a small community and everyone associated with it is special. So we hope that you can come and celebrate with the twelve graduands who will be receiving their Diploma in Christian Studies. Dr J.W. Maris our current visiting lecturer will deliver the convocation address entitled "Sanctification - A Matter between the Lord Jesus and You".
    You’re also invited to the thanksgiving dinner held at 6 pm just before the Convocation. For catering purposes do give us a call if you can come for dinner.We hope to see all of you!


    We had the pleasure of listening to Dr J.W. Maris at chapel last week. Drawing from a passage in Proverbs 3: 27 - 35, he reminded us of the need to be humble before God and towards men. Grace is given to the humble and the weak - to those who have little. These are the ones who find favour with God, not those who think they are sufficient unto themselves. Do avail yourself of the tape recording for full appreciation of Dr Maris’s talk! 

Chapel This Week 
The library team will conduct something special for Chinese New Year Don’t forget! 

BGST needs your financial support!

    Talking about Chinese New Year, we hope that you will be willing to make a donation to BGST as we brace ourselves for a lean period ahead.
    Usually after registration we are all right, but our Treasurer has drawn our attention to a shortfall carried over from last year and we need to pray for more gifts, small and large, to come in steadily. If you have not given to BGST for quite a while, please spare a thought for the work of BGST. 
    We believe that God wants us to continue the important work that we are trying to do for Him in the theological education niche that we find ourselves in. We are happy for the well-endowed institutions, like the Singapore Bible College, whose new building is a testimony to the generosity of God’s people. We wish SBC well and would like to request that God’s people think also of what we have been doing for the churches at large in Singapore. 
    Through your support we hope to be able to announce soon that we are financially back on target. Our faculty will then be able to focus their minds of teaching as and giving of their best to all our students.

God bless all these who celebrate their birthdays this week:
Mr Jeremy Bung Wee Kok 16/1
Mr Er Sung Kheng 17//1
Dr Lee Shu Woan 17/1
Dn John Chew Poon Sian 201/1
Dr David Tan Kim Hong 21/1

A little editorial aside ...

    We wonder if you like this new format. And especially the new name. The only reason we’ve changed it is because it’s a little awkward when the Memo doesn’t come out on a Monday (as when there’s a public holiday ... or when the editor is, you know, otherwise derailed). 
    So if you could spare a moment, drop us a little feedback. By the way, you know that you’re always welcome to share your spiritual insights, titles of books you’ve found helpful, new acquaintances with figures from church history or even an edifying riddle/joke/quotation. We’re looking forward to being more interactive. Just e-maill the editors at

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