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22 - 28 JANUARY 2001

    We are glad to note that the new look has elicited some feeback. Thanks, Geraldine, for the comment on the masthead. Itís been redesigned accordingly. No, we donít want anyone to take seriously the prevailing joke that BGST stands for "Boys and Girls Studying Together". And K.C, the editors decline your invitation to have their photos in BTW because they are not as cute as the chimps in the e-mail you sent. It is rather difficult at this stage to include pictures because we havenít mastered the art of sending the BTW out to online readers in a more sophisticated fashion.But weíre working on it!
There are a few things that we would like to do in BTW. One is to give readers some space to share about new and delightful things youíre learning about the Lord, his people and his work. So if in the course of your studies, personal growth, travel or everyday experiences, youíve come across a new book, idea, personality, place or skill that has contributed to your understanding of God and life, please know that youíre invited to share it with others through BTW. So do get in touch. Shalom. (PK) 

Good Books

    Maps fascinate me, especially ancient maps. The art of cartography is lost today when maps are printed on cheap paper, or are crowded with details that confuse rather than clarify, or occasionally one comes across maps from a touristy point of view that are ingenious works of vulgarity and pornography. 
    Unlike the maps of the 16th and century centuries. I commend this week for your reading Rehav Rubinís Image and Reality. Jerusalem in Maps and Views (Jerusalem, 1999) and Richard Palmer, The Bible Atlas or Sacred Geography Delineated in a Complete Series of Scriptural Maps (London, 1831). We have also a "Millennium" reprint collection of ancient maps.These join our map holdings that are essential to any respectable library. 
    Why study maps? Besides being exquisite works of art, ancient maps, especially those done before the age of printing attempt to portray a point of view. They are often accompanied with detailed explanations written in beautiful manuscript letters and contain drawings that are sometimes humorous, like, e.g., the mosaic map found at a Greek Orthodox church in Medeba, Jordan, which has fish (tilapia) swimming down the river Jordan to the Dead Sea only to turn back with agonized looks because of the saltiness of the water. 
    Ancients maps often express the beliefs of a period. They reveal features which have longed disappeared because of wars and destruction. They are often stylized versions, like the three-leafed version of the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa, with Jerusalem at the centre of the world. With the age of printing care was taken to make sure that maps were more accurate and interesting comparisons can be made with modern features. It comes as a pleasant surprise when one is able to recognise features that still remain today. I hope that you have much enjoyment looking at the maps that have been added to our holdings. My dream is one day to have a map room where one can study surrounded by beautiful ancient maps and catch the link between the past and present. (QSH)

News Bits

This Week a new course will start:
  • Mon, 22 Jan, 7 p.m (double lectures): Acts - The Growing Church (3 credits) by Dr SH Quek.
Next Week a whole plethora of courses is offered. Itís not too late to sign up for one or two.
  • Mon, 29 Jan, 7.30 p.m: The Art of Critical Analysis (1.5 credits) by Dr P. Satterthwaite. 
  • Wed, 31 Jan, 7 p.m: Biblical Hermeneutics & Interpretation (3 credits), Video Class by Dr Mark Chan, facilitated by Dr P.Satterthwaite. 
  • Thur, 1 Feb, 7 p.m (double lectures): Appreciating Adults Learning (3 credits) by Dr M.Lee. 
  • Fri, 2 Feb, 7.30 p.m: OT Foundations II (3 credits) by Dr P. Satterthwaite 
  • Sat, 3 Feb, 2 p.m: NT Greek I (3 credits), Video Class by Dr SH Quek. 
  • Sat, 3 Feb, 3 p.m: Greek Exegesis I (3 credits), Video Class by Dr SH Quek. 
The office and library will be closed from 1 p.m on Tues 23rd till 26th January. Daisy from the library will be on leave from 22nd to 26th January.


DEANíS PRIZE: Yoong Yuen Soo
In memory of the late Mr Charles Phan Chauw Fatt
(Awarded annually to the Most Outstanding Graduating Diploma Student on the basis of academic achievement, character development and contribution to the School.)
Yuen Soo achieved a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.0 despite carrying a full teaching and administrative load at the Singapore Polytechnic while serving as Elder at Bethesda Chapel. He persevered through eight long years to complete the required credits and did well in all his coursework. He has given generously to the work of BGST and we are pleased to commend him as an example of BGSTís mission to train the laity for effective service to the Lord.

GREEK PRIZE: Quek Tze-Ming
In memory of the late Rev Quek Khee Swee
(Awarded in recognition of his outstanding performance in Biblical Greek.) 
Tze Ming has a love for Biblical Greek and a sharp eye for spotting nuggets of gold and acres of rubies in the original language of the New Testament. He is self-motivated and diligent in his studies and we are pleased to note that the grandson-in-law of the person we remember in this Prize is now the recipient of this award. 

In memory of the late Dr Benjamin Chew
(Awarded in recognition of his outstanding performance in New Testament studies.) 
Daniel has worked hard and adjusted within a remarkably short time to studying in a language that is not his mother tongue. Though he came from a church background that did not have a strong confessional and theological grounding, he has grasped the intricacies of theological studies and has shown that he can handle competently exegetical issues and methodology in the study of the New Testament.

In memory of the late Mdm Goh Eng Ngin
(Awarded in recognition of his outstanding performance in Christian Education studies.) 
Bryan's assignments and presentations always reflected conscientious work. His creativity and perceptive educational insights, combined with a deep commitment to continuing theological education, is evident in all his work. We can expect greater things to come from Bryan and wish him God's abundant blessings in his studies and ministry to God.

In memory of the late Mr Ng Ngian Kwang
(Awarded in recognition of his outstanding performance in Applied Theology studies.) 
Cecil is a cheerful, diligent student, who has a clear commitment and understanding of what the Lord wants him to do after he has completed his initial theological studies. He has discovered that theology is not just for the intellectual stimulation of the mind, but it has also far-reaching practical value for Christian living. 


    The Lunar New Year Special was the screening of the VCD: "Adoption: The Loving Option". A four-part production, it presents clearly in modern drama the basic motivations, obstacles and requirements for adopting an Unreached People Group.
    The motivation is agape love (1 Jn 4:8-12). Obstacles will come our way but if we learn to share our time and money with another, stretch our resources and go the extra mile we can overcome them. To do this work successfully, churches must be careful not to impose their cultural style on their adopted group but, instead, learn to accept the groupís cultural sensitivities. Above all, they must realise that such adoption calls for a life-long commitment.
    Through this presentation, the library team hoped that in the coming Lunar New Year we would thank God for adopting us in His kingdom as His children and the past and future blessings He has and will give.
    We were urged to consider how we could share this VCD with our churches so that they would consider adopting an Unreached People Group. This VCD has both English and Mandarin versions and is available on loan from the library or for sale at Great Joy Baptist Media. 

Birthday Greetings

Mr Lam Wai Kay 22/1
Mrs Peck Siat Mui 22/1
Mr Kim Hak Soo 23/1
Ms Han Huan Mei 26/1
We wish all these who celebrate their birthdays this week Godís richest blessings.

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