My heart is in the highlands, my heart is not here; 
My heart is in the highlands a-chasing the deer, 
chasing the deer and following the doe, 
my heart is in the highlands wherever I go.

I guess the words stayed with me because of that innate human longing for HOME.  It was only after knowing the Lord Jesus that I knew what that longing was - for God and our REAL home.  Thus as children of God, we face the constant need to balance the instinct to collect and own, with the Biblical view that "this world is not my home".

God's people are blessed with dual citizenship!  How do we handle this, our citizenship of this world and of the next?  The writer to the Hebrew Christians spoke of Abraham "looking for the city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God".  As we celebrate National Day, each in our own way, let us thank God for our other citizenship.  Let us thank Him that this is not our final home - we have the HOPE in Christ.  Let us also pray for family and friends who do not possess that hope yet.  (PSM)


This set of eight music CDs goes by two titles: Fruit of the Land of Israel, and Fruit of Zion (zimrat ha-aretz israel, and zimrat ziyon).

Many users of the library may not be aware of this set of CDs nor of the companion Songbook for Messianic Worship in the library.  There are 230 songs, most of which are scriptures from both Old and New Testaments put to music. The English transliteration helps non-Hebrew speakers to sing along with the CD. The translation helps them to sing with understanding!  Music scores and guitar chords are provided in the book.

This unique collection of Hebrew messianic worship has been composed by famous Israeli worship leaders.  The eight CDs are named after eight of the twelve tribes:  Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher.  The Call number is GCD AUD 782.5 FRU.

Students in the Hebrew classes have been learning some of these songs.  If you are interested, there is no reason why you too cannot learn to sing worship songs in Hebrew.  Better still, after you have learnt each song, teach it to your small group members in church.  "Sing to the LORD a new song!"  Isa. 42:10

The programme for chapel last week was clearly stated on the white board.  It was threateningly refreshing because it included a Bible quiz!  Serene shares her impressions   "It was teamwork among Library and Admin Staff. After the worship led by Daisy, Lee Pin & Faith, time came to test how well we knew the Bible. The quizzes helped us learn more about the Bible in a fun way. If you are interested in Bible quizzes, contact Kok Weng for the websites.  Psalm 116 reminded us of God's goodness. Then Daisy & Faith taught us a new song 'Lord, How Can I Repay?' which was based on that psalm."
At Chapel this Wednesday (8th August) you will get to hear from returnees Mr and Mrs Quek Tze Ming (and Hannah too) who are on study leave from Regent College, Vancouver. Good time to catch up with them and see how much Hannah has grown! 

Thank you to those who prayed for the Dean and his team in their ministry in India.  They returned safely.  Do continue to pray for Faith who will return tomorrow and Dr. Ng who will be back from ATA meetings in KL on Friday.

Another goodie is on the way to you.  If you have ever felt guilty about not witnessing to your mates at work - here's help!  Mr. Jim Chew, the Missions Director of The Navigators of New Zealand (actually he's a home-grown true-blue Singaporean!), will conduct four sessions on the why and know-how in this area.  My choice of a course title for ME 254  "Share Christ with My Colleague?  Are You Kidding?" was rejected, so you are invited to register for Personal Evangelism in the Workplace which begins on Friday 17 August.
Mrs S.M Peck is the editor of BTW for the month of August. If you have a response of any kind to make she would  be very glad to hear from you. Her email address is sm or just send it through BGST.


Dr Robert Newman was a mine of data on the topic. His passion was evident as he tackled this impossible evident task of relating science and Biblical data on the topic within an hour or so. The two hundred or more listeners who attended would agree that it was illuminating, fact-filled, and inspiring.

Dr. Newman began by declaring his goal to show that the Bible is credible. Scientific advances and research in recent decades have made obsolete those theories and exposition of the Genesis account pro-pounded by early scholars who knew scripture but who did not know science.

He began by giving an illustrated explanation of scientific data intelligible to many but not all. If you are one of those who are familiar with terms like planet tracking, mass distribution of solar system, cloud collapse, and Jurassic dusts, then you really should have attended the public lecture. If you missed it, the video tape is available in the library.

Dr. Newman proceeded to link Biblical data to his scientific explanation, pairing each verse in Gen. 1 with phenomena he described earlier. He convincingly showed that the Genesis account and science were consistent with each other. He is convinced that there is more co-relation between science and Genesis than between biblical data and other creation accounts.

A Prayer for national day

O God, King of kings and Lord of lords, We pray today for statesmen, leaders and rulers. May they be quiet in spirit, clear in judgement, Able to understand the issues that face them. May they think often of the common people on whose behalf they must speak and act. May they remember that in keeping your laws is man's only good and happiness. Grant them patience, grant them courage, grant them foresight and great faith. In their anxieties be their security, In their opportunities be their inspiration. By their plans and their actions may your kingdom come, your will be done.

Lilian Cox

Belated birthday greetings to
Ms Christina Chua 2 August
Mr Arthur Lee 5 August
Sorry, friends!

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