Christianity and Ecology. Seeking the Well-Being of Earth and Humans (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2000), is edited by Dieter T. Hessel and Rosemary R. Ruether. It contains articles exploring the range of Christian concerns dealing with the important subject of our physical

environment. The authors approach this subject from a theological, ethical, spirituality. economic, political, and sociological standpoint. It is hard to discern a unifying, biblical perspective and so if one is looking for a solidly, exegetical framework to understand this subject, one will be disappointed. Why then should this book be highlighted from our collection at BGST Library?
      It is a shame that evangelical writers on the subject of ecology are few and far between. There is a wealth of literature from the standpoint of the Orthodox Faith, liberal theology and world religions. This book is a good starting point for those who wish to explore the issues surrounding current scholarship on ecology. It enables us to bring the evidence of the Bible to bear on matters relating to our understanding of Creation, the New Creation, biodiversity, ethical response to the rampant destruction of the earth's natural resources, global eco-justice, and the Mission of the Church. Most importantly, it enables us to deal with the burning issue of how we may address the central question: if heaven is what we are looking for ultimately, and we know that this earth will be totally destroyed one day as we prepare for the new heaven and the new earth (Rev 21:1), what then is the point of emphasizing earthkeeping? For those who do not believe in the Rev 21:1 as a literal happening, the issue of earthkeeping naturally is an important, urgent concern. But evangelicals have for too long dwelt on the exchange of the old earth for the new earth that they have not addressed adequately issues on the here and now. This book is important not because we agree with everything in it but rather because we see it as a useful resource to incorporate ecology into our biblical worldview. (Dr Quek Swee Hwa)
Mr. Mickey Chiang, the first Singaporean student to graduate from BGST with the Master of Divinity, returned to BGST to speak at Chapel on 3rd October. His theme was creation, and he was indeed very creative in his approach! So creative, in fact, that any summary is but a pale reflection of the live address. There was a bit of everything in Mickey's talk: imaginative exegesis of the opening verses of Genesis, analysis of the literary structure of the Hebrew, insights from science (Mickey has an MSC), things for the us all to do (at one point we had to stand by windows) and villainously bad puns (so awful they should have carried a health warning). His conclusion: God is great (look what was involved in creation). But really, you needed to be there to get the full impact.
The Chapel Speaker for this Wednesday is Dr  Quek Swee Hwa. Come and join us at 12 noon in Rm 302.

Course Offerings for Semester 1, Year 2002 
The flyer is now available! Get your copy from the Admin Office or Library. Better still, we hope you will help us by giving copies to friends whom you think would benefit from our courses.

Wishing you God's richest blessings, Happy Birthday !

Ms Goh Sock Hua Christina 10/09, Miss Chan Kah Mei 10/11
Mr Ratnam Samuel 10/11, Mr Tan Chee Leong 10/12
Rev Chua Meng Wah Daniel 10/13, Mr Gan Amos 10/13
Rev Pang Hee Hung 10/13, Mr Tan Nar Toon John 10/14



Lecture Tour by Dr Quek Swee Hwa

Dates & Countries Visited:
Dec 5 (Wednesday) to 14 (Friday), in Israel & Turkey

Accommodation & Board:
4 star hotel, full board

Tour Price:
$3200 on twin-sharing basis

DAY 1 - Wednesday, 5 Dec 
Depart Singapore via TK 61 at 2240hrs.

DAY 2 - Thursday, 6 Dec 
Arrive Istanbul at 0725hr to catch connecting flight TK1184 to Tel Aviv at 0850hrs. Arrive Tel Avivat 1045hrs. Day tour of Jerusalem. Check in at Yad Hashmona, a Jewish-Christian moshav  (community) which runs an excellent motel situation on top of a hill near the site of biblical Emmaus.

DAY 3 - Friday, 7 Dec
Visit to the Model of the Second Temple (Jerusalem in the time of Jesus), go to the "Seven Arches Hotel" at the top of the Mt of Olives for the traditional "Melchizedek Welcome" to Jerusalem, have a panoramic view of the Temple Mount and the ancient city of Jerusalem, walk down the hill following the route Jesus took before he entered Jerusalem in triumph, stop by Dominus Flevit ("Our Lord weeps", the Tear Drop Church), and go to Gethsemane visit the garden as well as the Church of All Nations. From there we shall proceed to the Dung Gate and visit the Wailing Wall and take a unique tour of the Wailing Wall Tunnel, bringing us very close to the location of the former Temple of Solomon. We shall visit the Pavement (Gabbatha), the Pool of Bethesda (and the Church of St Anne), emerge through St Stephen's Gate, and follow our bus to the Garden Tomb for a Holy Communion Service and visit. We will return to Yad Hashmona for a Shabbat ("Sabbath") dinner followed by an evening concert featuring David's Harp. Overnight at Yad Hashmona. 

DAY 4 - Saturday, 8 Dec
Day tour of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. We leave the motel for Zion Gate, visit the Armenian and Jewish Quarters, the Cardo (Main Street of Aelia Capitolina, Jerusalem after AD 70), the Burnt House, the Wohl Archaeological Museum featuring Herodian remains, the Southern Wall excavations. We re-join our bus at the Dung Gate and drive to Kibbutz Qalia (Dead Sea).

DAY 5 - Sunday, 9 Dec
We visit Qumran where the Dead Sea Manuscripts were found, and travel to Caesarea Maritima to visit the premier Roman City during the Herodian period, where Paul sailed off for his missionary work and where he was detained for two years in prison. Travel to Galilee or overnight at Tiberias at the Jordan River Hotel (or at Kibbutz Maagan).

DAY 6 - Monday, 10 Dec 
Day tour of Galilee, which includes a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Lunch of St Peter's Fish at En  Gev, visiting Chorazim, the Church of the Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabgha, Ginnosar ("The Jesus Boat"), and "The Galilee Experience", a memorable, Messianic Jewish, multi-media presentation. Overnight at Tiberias. 

DAY 7 - Tuesday, 11 Dec
Tour of Nazareth (visiting the "Nazareth Village", a biblical theme park featuring Nazareth in the time of Jesus and Cana where Jesus changed water into wine. We end our short tour of Israel with a visit to Tel Megiddo, where many ancient battles were fought. Some believe that this is the place associated with the final Battle of Armageddon. 

DAY 8 - Wednesday, 12 Dec
Half day tour of Emmaus, Beth-Shemesh, Bet Guvrim, Tel Maresha and Joppa. Check in at Ben Gurion Airport (Lod) at 1720 hrs to depart for Istanbul via TK 1187, arriving Istanbul at 1930 hrs. Check in to hotel in Istanbul after dinner. 

DAY 9 - Thursday, 13 Dec
Day tour of Istanbul. We start early in the morning, check out from hotel, and visit Archaeological Museum, San Sophia, Topkapi, Chalcedon (Asian part of Istanbul), ending with a shopping visit to the Grand Bazaar. Go to airport for check in at 1945 hrs for departure via TK60 at 2145 hrs.

DAY 10 - Friday, 14 Dec
Arrive Singapore at 1520 hrs.

If you are interested to join this tour, please contact Serene at 3538071 or by 12 Oct 2001.

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