Elder Yong Teck Meng of Amazing Grace Presbyterian Church spoke on 24 Oct from Luke 17:5-10. He explained that the servant of God sees himself as unworthy but he is nonetheless God's servant. God sometimes leads by giving us a clear beginning and the rest of the steps remain uncertain. However, slowly and surely God leads us one step at a time. That was the experience of Abraham and it was also bro. Teck Meng's experience. He had a comfortable position with a multi-national company before he obeyed God's calling and is now self-employed, working as an entrepreneur. He has much satisfaction preaching and serving at his church and is involved in translation work for the Stephen Tong Ministries. It was good to see our chirpy 1998 Dip CS alumnus. Thank God we have been able to have a part in equipping him for service to the Lord.

This Wednesday, Oct 31, chapel will be taken by Cecil and Sonali Peters, who will share from the Word of God as well as present their prayer needs as they prepare to leave on Nov 7 for Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (formerly part of Bihar), India. Cecil will return in January for about two months to complete his course work before returning to teach at the Grace Bible College. Sonali hopes to complete her course work back in India.

Looking ahead at future chapels. Please note the following speakers:
Nov 7 Dr John Lim
Nov 14 No Chapel (Public Holiday - Deepavali)
Nov 21 Mrs S. M. Peck
Nov 28 Mr Paul Yap
Dec 5 Dr Philip Satterthwaite
Dec 12 Dr Ng Peh Cheng
Dec 19 Dr Quek SH
Dec 26 Rev Ng Seng Chuan (to be confirmed)

What did God do in the Beginning?

The first chapter in the Bible, about the Creation, is a familiar one. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" it says. We all know that.
But what does that really mean?
What does "creating the heavens" mean?
When we think of the heavens, what do we naturally think of? Isn't it the enormous space between us and the Sun and the stars, and the furthest reaches of the Universe?
Doesn't that mean that God created Space? If God had not created Space, where would He have put the earth?
When we look outside our window at the space that God had created, we will realise that God made 3-Dimensional Space. If God had made a 2-dimensional world, everything would be flat. The moon and sun would be on the same flat plane as our planet earth. So would every other star, sun, moon, planet and asteroid. Everything would be flat. There would be no spherical planets, no hills or valleys, no trees, no grass or all the 3-D things we see around us. Life as we know it today could not exist.
Besides making 3-Dimensional Space, God also made the earth. What does it mean? Doesn't it mean that he made Matter?
Imagine, all the zillions upon zillions of stars that we see through modern mega-telescopes were not there before! All the planets and moons and asteroids around the stars were also not there.
Einstein tells us that when matter is completely destroyed it turns into energy in the well-known equation:
e = mc2,
where e is the enormous amount of energy, m is the mass of matter involved, for example one kilogramme, and c is the speed of light which is roughly 300,000,000 metres per second, (which is "squared" in the equation, or 300,000,000 X 300,000,000, which gives you a 17 digit figure, and that's just for one kilogramme of matter! ) This, presumably, is how much energy was required to make one kilo of matter out of nothing.
How much energy or power was used to create all the matter in the Universe? If you can spare a super-computer for several years to do nothing but calculate the answer, then you may receive an answer several years down the road. When we talk or think about our Almighty or All-powerful God, think of how much power he controls. It's really vast! So why do we sometimes doubt whether he can do this or that?
God made Matter in the Beginning. What kind of matter?
He made the biggest Lego-type building set you can imagine. Everything tangible in the Universe is made of Lego blocks called atoms. Like Lego blocks, all the atoms of one element are the same. Click together two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen and you get one molecule of water. Click together one atom each of Sodium and Chlorine and you get one molecule of common salt. The Universe is God's giant toy set.
When you find a Lego set on the floor, do you say, "Wow, this formed itself by chance!"
So when you find a vast Lego set in the form of a Universe, would you say it came about by "chance", or that it just "happened"?
And yet millions of people wrongly believe that the Universe was not created but just happened by "chance". Pray that their eyes will be opened, so that they might glimpse the wonderful Almighty and All-powerful God who made them all, and who made everything else in the Universe.

Library News
We are sorry for the noise and inconvenience caused! The faculty and administration office will co-exist with the library by 10 Nov 2001. The library collections are being rearranged. Please seek library staff if you have difficulty locating any items. Students using course tapes may call the library to make reservations. The reading, computer and A.V. areas are reduced to cater for BGST students and members only. Visitors to the Library are still welcome and may use the Library for browsing purpose only. We appreciate your kind understanding.

New Video Classes
It appears our students are interested to use BGST's flexibility to the full especially during this lull period when many are freer to focus on training. We have tutors ready to teach the following video classes and would like those interested to check our website for the details and to call Kok Wee (BGST admin support, tel. 3538071) if they are interested in signing up for classes. The dates of the tutorials are not announced because we hope to gather those interested and arrange dates convenient to both students and tutors. Please note that the deadline for registration is Friday, Nov 14, and the following are the new video classes (subject to sufficient number of students registering): 

  • CH101 Introduction to Church History, Dr Quek Swee Hwa  (required for M Div.)
  • CO101 Skills in Lay Counselling I, by Dr Tan Siang Yang (required for M Div)
  • CO102 Caring Through Counselling, by thirteen lecturers (Elective)
  • CO251 Skills in Lay Counselling II, Dr Tan Siang Yang (Elective)

BGST End-of-the-Year Appeal
Pray for the financial needs of BGST from now to the end of the year. We are grateful to God for those who have already responded. If you did not receive this appeal letter and would like to have a copy because you have a burden for BGST, we would like to send you a copy. Please email us or call our office at 3538071. Thank you.

Praise and Prayer Requests
Praise God David Chan is recovering well after his brief period of hospitalization. Rev Ng Seng Chuan underwent minor surgery this week. Do uphold him in prayer. Are there any other prayer requests?

Wishing you God's richest blessings. Happy Birthday!

Mr Philip Chua Cheng Liat  10/30
Mr Daniel Wong Hing Yuen  10/31
Ms SereneWoon  11/01
Ms Mabel Ho  11/02
Mr Mickey Chiang  11/03
Ms Jessica Koo Li Teng  11/03

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