Over two issues of BTW ("BGST This Week") I wish to do a comparison of two important books on missions. They are: (1) Global Missiology for the 21st Century. The Iguassu Dialogue, edited by William D. Taylor (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2000); and (2) Let the Earth Hear His Voice, edited by J. D. Douglas (Minneapolis: World Wide Publications, 1975. The former is the outcome of the Iguassu Missiological Consultation, held in Brazil in October 1999. A total of 160 mission practitioners, missiologists and church leaders from 53 countries spent six days together, reviewing the work done in an earlier consultation held at Lausanne in 1974. The outcome of that experience is "The Iguassu Affirmation". The latter was the International Congress on World Evangelization, which took place over ten days at Lausanne in 1974, attended by delegates from more than 150 nations. The outcome was "The Lausanne Covenant". It is not possible to do a thorough investigation of the two papers, something that could be the subject of an important research paper in the area of missions. However, I hope to give a fair assessment of the two books to enable our readers to see both the issues facing missions today as well as how thinking about missions has progressed or changed over the span of 25 years.  (to be continued next week)

Six persons have so far ordered the "Good Books CD". We are repeating the offer given last week. These reviews were written by Dr Quek, with Dr Satterthwaite. This is given free in return for a freewill offering to BGST's Building Fund. Here are some features of Good Books:

  • They highlight books useful for lay persons, focusing not just on devotional books, but especially on important books from the varioustheological disciplines.
  • They are brief, easy to digest and are just right for those who are interested in expandingtheir biblical understanding and horizons; they are not lengthy, technical reviews, like those found in theological journals.
  • They highlight both recent accessions as well as  valuable out-of-print items in BGST Library;
  • They cover not only books, but also good journals, Bible software, etc.
  • They enable book buffs and bibliophiles to consider adding these to their personal theologicallibrary.

Those interested may order their copies of the "GOOD BOOKS CD" from Serene at admin@bgst.edu.sg and as a special bonus we shall also include archival copies of selected sections of "A Word from the Dean". Our deadline to issue this is Dec 31, 2001, or earlier.

Last Wednesday, Nov 7, Rev Dr John Lim, spoke at Chapel on "Humility" from Phil. 2:5-11. He began by stating that humility is something that does not come naturally: it has to be learned. How true! It must not be confused with a lack of self-esteem, self-interest, or a feeling of inadequacy. It is rather a self-effacing attitude that is the key to intimacy with God. Through the grace of God we are able to have and to cultivate humility in our life. Humility exists and thrives when there is absence of pride. Problems are bound to arise, but they can be a blessing in disguise because they deepen our humility before God. The example par excellence of this is none other than the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please note that there is no Chapel this Wednesday, Nov 14, because it is a public holiday (Deepavali). The speaker for Nov 21's chapel is Mrs S. M. Peck.

1. End-of-the-Year Appeal. We praise God for the good response this past week. Thank God that for us to reach the target we need only:

  • one more pledge of $5,000
  • twelve more pledges of $1,000
So keep on praying to the Lord for these amounts to come in. We are touched by the response of individuals who have responded. Every little gift counts. For the smaller gifts we have aggregated them to reach the target pledge of $1,000.

Message Board. Having difficulty reaching our administrative staff or faculty members? They are located now in the library on the third floor and if you drop by and they are not in, you may leave a message on the "Message Board" at the entrance to the Admin and Faculty Sections of the Library. Be sure to leave a contact phone or email number so that they may reach you.

BGST Library. Here are some pointers to help you use and enjoy our Library. (a) The Study Area at the rear is for Students and Members. The tables there are reserved for their use. (b) Visitors who use the Library for browsingmay sit at the desks near the Current Journals Area. (c) If you are looking for non-academicaudio-visuals ("General AV") they may be found in the new compactus just left of the entrance. We hope all who normally use our Library will know that despite the restricted space, they are still welcomed to come and browse or borrow books. If you are unclear about the arrangements our Library staff will be glad to assist you.

East Asia School of Theology.  Our Dean, Dr Quek, had a mutually enriching time of fellowshiplast Thursday, Nov. 8, with the Faculty of the East Asia School of Theology, a ministry spearheaded by Campus Crusade for Christ. We shared our mutual concerns and Missionsand hope that we can complement each other's work in the years to come. It is refreshing to see the Lord's blessings on EAST. We hope that the sharing of ideas, library and faculty resources will help promote theological educationin Singapore and provide a wide range of good quality training opportunities for the needs of the churches and para-church organizationsin and outside Singapore.

New Video Classes. This Friday, Nov 14, is the deadline for those who wish to take the following courses by video class: CH101 Introductionto Church History; CO101 Skills in Lay Counselling I; CO102 Caring Through Counselling, CO251 Skills in Lay Counselling II. We will need at least 5 registrants before we will run the video class for the courses noted.

6. Congratulations to
Edward Jacobs and Tan Lee Pin on their wedding last Saturday Nov 10. It was in many ways a BGST wedding with BGST personnel and family members, young and old, taking part. Lee Pin will be back at work on Thursday, Nov 14.

Bible Lands Study Tour. Registration for this tour, from Dec 5-14 is now closed. A total of 21 persons, with Dr Quek as the Lecturer, Guide, and Leader, will be on this tour. Those who missed this year's tour and would like to register their interest in future BLST may contact Serene Woon (tel.3538081).

Dip CS Concentrations. We announced so far the Dip CS concentration in Speech Communications(BTW, Issue No.42) and ChristianEducation (BTW, Issue No.43). We are preparing announcements in BTW in three other areas: Biblical Studies, Missiology and Biblical Archaeology. Those interested in these may contactthe Dean (tel. 97865044).

Wishing you God's richest blessings, Happy Birthday !

Ms Susan Kaur Luchman 11/12
Mr Peter Yeo Toon Joo 11/17

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