Playing God. Dissecting Biomedical Ethics and Manipulating the Body, edited by R. C. Sproul, Jr. (Grand Rapid: Baker Books, 1997). The advancement of medical and scientific research gives us a better level of existence, but it also carries with it a great cost. Lately we have seen that despite opposition by President

Bush, the cloning of human embryos has begun, although the researchers claim that they are not cloning humans and are merely harvesting usable stems cells for research and other purposes. To Christians who wish to follow the Bible strictly, it makes no difference as the fundamental principle at stake is whether the human embryo is a "thing" or a true person. From God's standpoint the Bible is clear: ensoulment occurs from the moment of fertilization rather than from the fourteenth day after conception. This book explores ethical issues such as: physician-assisted suicide and the 'right' to die, genetic manipulation, fetal tissue harvesting, in vitro fertilization, the promise of Prozac and Silicone, technology and the New Gnosticism, and other important and interesting issues. In this book, medical researches, scientists, seminary professors, and pastors present papers from the standpoint that the ultimate authority is God, not man in his best rational thinking. The treatment is brief and sufficient, not heavily technical, and bibliographies are provided for each topic to encourage the serious reader to explore further. One wishes there could be dialogue as issues are not just stated but are approached from the various standpoints represented by the writers. It would have been most interesting to cull the views of the various disciplines represented since all the contributors recognize the authority of the Holy Scriptures. Very often one encounters Christian scientists who take positions which are not in line with the Bible (e.g., theistic evolutionists). This slender volume is affordable, very readable and can be ordered via email from: A copy of this book can be inspected at the BGST Library.
"Good Books CD". Work on this is going on and we hope to issue the past reviews of "Good Books" for our readers. If you wish to order these, just write to us or email us.

We are happy to announce that Dr Douglas Milne (from Melbourne) will be teaching two courses with us in January, 2002. All lectures are in the evening from 7.30-10.30 pm. Christian Ethics (3 credits), 8 double sessions, three evenings a week, on: Mon, Jan 7; Tues. Jan 8; Thurs., Jan 10; Mon., Jan 14; Tues. Jan 15; Thurs, Jan 17; Mon, Jan 21; and Tues. Jan 22. Bioethics (1.5 credits), weekend course, 4 double sessions on: Sat, Jan 5; Fri, Jan 11; Sat., Jan 12; & Fri. Jan 18. A Synopsis and Course Description of the courses will be given soon.

Last Wednesday, Nov. 19, Mrs S. M. Peck spoke at Chapel. Here is the summary of her message. 2 Kings 11 and 2 Chron 22 recorded the brief account of how King Joash was saved from his grandmother's massacre at the age of one.  We took a quick look at three of the people involved. the first two were Aunt Jehosheba and her husband Jehoiada the priest of God: people who walked with God and who did what came naturally to them in a crisis. The third was the Nursemaid (whose write-up by Mickey Chiang inspired me to study this passage again) who probably just grabbed the infant and ran: people like her did not have time to stop and pray for guidance, nor did they count the cost.
    Today we can look at the cost of the obedience of these three persons.  In an era when massacres were the norm, should their deed be discovered, Athaliah would certainly outdo her previous vicious acts.
    What a heavy burden Jehoiada carried - the knowledge that if Joash was discovered, he would cause the death of all his brother priests, men who served God faithfully, probably men who were loyal to the House of David.  Their families would not escape either.
    Yet these three persons did what they did and their desperate instinctive act was used by God to fulfill the promise that David would never lack a man to sit on his throne. David's dynasty was preserved in the saving of Joash.  God's requirement of us today is no less - obedience through absolute surrender for His use.
     The Chapel Speaker this week is Ms Tirzah Kengoo (Dip CS '94), who teaches at Temasek Polytechnic.

  1. End-of-the-Year Appeal. Thank God we received last week gifts totalling $8,800. This goes a long way to helping us clear our anticipated shortfall of $50,000 for this year’s expenses. The total collected so far is $49,220! Praise God! Who will help us bring this appeal to a close.

  2. BGST Library. We welcome feedback from students, other library members and users of our library. As indicated last week, we encourage all to continue using our Library and hope that our new ‘congested’ setup will not deter book lovers to use of our library.

  3. Consolidated Phone Numbers. Kindly note that the admin, faculty and library share a general line of 3538071. Your call is important to us. If we are not able to attend to your call, please leave us a message. Note: The voice mail facility at Tel. 3538073 has been discontinued.

  4. New Testament Foundations I (NT101, 3 credits) will be taught by Dr Quek as a ‘live’ class in Semester 1, 2002, as 8 double lectures on Mondays from 7.30-10.30 pm on the following dates: Jan 28, Feb 4, 18; Mar 4, 18; Apr 1; May 6, & 20. Register NOW.

  5. "LOVE" Phonecards. Christmas is round the corner and it is appropriate to use these as greeting cards or to accompany your gifts. You might like to visit the website to take a look at the cards. Please contact Serene to place your order.

  6. Congratulations to the Theological Centre for Asia on their 12th Graduation Exercise on 2 Dec2001.

  7. TENT. Praise God for 19 full-time and 2 part-time participants who are registered to commence the tentmaking course jointly sponsored by BGST and the Discipleship Training Centre. On Dec. 6-8 at the Introductory Module, a total of 6 lecturers will be teaching and the venue will be DTC, with a visit to BGST Library.

  8. Dr Quek has just completed another round of Romans - The Gospel According to Paul (NT311, 1.5 credits, video class). The next round will begin on Jan 26, 2002, 8.30-10.00 am (8 Saturdays). Register now with Kok Wee (Tel. 3538071). Credit students will pay the usual fee, but this course is free for audit students who wish to experience what studying is like at BGST. Our Council has approved two free audit courses for all new students. Speak to Serene if you wish to know the details of those free audit courses.

  9. "Biblical Languages Without Tears". Yes, it is possible to study Biblical Hebrew and NT Greek without tears, and we have proved it again and again that lay persons can handle and enjoy the study of these two languages. To help those who need some help to decide what is involved in the study of these languages we are inviting those who are interested to meet in the living room of the Dean’s Residence (Parsonage), next to Room 3-02 and to BGST Library on Saturday, Dec 1st, 3-5 pm. Refreshments provided. This session will be taken by Dr Quek and Mrs Peck.

  10. Phua Kok Wee will be away on leave from Nov 29 to Dec 14. For any academic support matters, contact Serene during his absence. We wish you, Kok Wee, a pleasant and spiritually enriching mission trip at Iloilo, Philippines.

  11. Our belated congratulations to Rev Peter Eng, our Adjunct NT Lecturer, who was inducted on Oct 27 as the Senior Pastor of Changi Bethany Church. Rev Eng will leave in January 2002 to complete his doctoral research work at Princeton, NJ, USA (for his PhD at Aberdeen).

  12. AFGHAN RELIEF. Do you know that 75% of the women who fled the war in Afghanistan are widows? 6 million refugees face a harsh winter and massive food relief is needed. Spiritual help is needed. If you have a mind to give toward this need, contact the Dean at (new email).

  13. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone - A Critique by Dr Quek Swee Hwa, who examines the subject of Christians and witchcraft, is available free on request. Just email the Dean (see above).

  14. New Book by BGST Lecturer! For some wholesome, enthralling story, why not read Rev David Wong’s newest book, The Koi Pond, which retails at $6 each. His award-winning story book, The Jade Bangle, is also on sale for the same price. They make excellent Christmas gifts, enjoyable by both children and adults and retail for $10 for two books of any title. You may order or purchase these from BGST Library. Try reading this as a family during your holiday. You need to allow two hours for this.

Wishing you God’s blessings

 Dr Moira Lee Gek Choo 30/11
Mr Daniel Ng Keok Tee 02/12


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