Faculty Line-up for 2002

We are happy to announce the following:


  • Dr Oh Boon Leong
    PhD (New Testament, King's College, University of London);MTh (University of Aberdeen); MDiv (Trinity 
    Evangelical Divinity School); BSc (NUS).
    *Teaching "Galatians" (1.5 credits, Term 3, Semester 2)
  • r Yam Keng Mun
    MA (Clinical Psychology, Midwestern State University, Texas); BA Hons (Moody Bible Institute). Clinical
    Psychologist with the Centre for Effective Living, training lay counsellors and supervising interns from the Master's degrees at East Asia School of Theology and the University of South Australia. 
    *Teaching Counselling Practicum and tutoring Skills in Lay Counselling (CO 101) taught by Dr Tan Siang Yang,  incorporating practical skills as a new component in our counselling courses.


  • Rev Samuel Goh
    ThM (Westminster Theological Seminary); MDiv, BTh (Singapore Bible College).
     *Hebrew Tutor - tutoring Biblical Hebrew (BH 111 & 112) taught by Mrs SM Peck.
  • Mrs Leong King Teng
    MBS Hons (Singapore Bible College), Dip in Ed & BA Hons (University of Malaya).
    *Greek Tutor  - Assisting Dr Quek in tutoring NT Greek (BG 111 & 112), taught by Dr Quek Swee Hwa.
  • Dr John Lim
    DMin (Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary); STM, MDiv (Faith Theological Seminary); BTh (Far Eastern Bible College)
    *Applied Theology Tutor, tutoring "Christian Biography" and "Prayer," taught by Rev David Wong.

Our Faculty for 2002
Dr Quek Swee Hwa
    New Testament, NT Greek, Biblical Archaeology, and other subjects.
Dr Philip Satterthwaite (on sabbatical, Jan-June, 2002)
    Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew Exegesis, and other subjects.
Dr Ng Peh Cheng
  Christian Education, and other subjects.
Rev Ng Seng Chuan
  Speech Communication and Applied Theology
Mr Walter Edman (Term 1 only)

Dr Douglas Milne (Theology & Ethics)
Dr Oh Boon Leong (New Testament)
Dr Michael Pucci (Church History)
Dr Violet James (Church History)
Dr Danny Goh (Family Ministries)
Mr Yam Keng Mun (Counselling)
Rev David Wong (Applied Theology)
Dr Paul Stevens (Spiritual Theology)
Dr Mark Chan (Hermeneutics)

Dr David Harley (Missions)
Dr Bobby Sng (Church History)

Rev Samuel Goh (Biblical Hebrew)
Mrs Leong King Teng (NT Greek)
Dr John Lim (Applied Theology)
Mr David Leong (New Testament)

Mr Walter Edman
Rev & Mrs Loren Fox
Dr Lee Soo Ann,
And other lecturers

THESE GUEST LECTURERS taught at BGST and their courses are available on video:
Dr Tan Siang Yang
Rev David Wong
Dr Colin Warner
Dr Peggy Yeo
Dr Paul Stevens
Dr James Houston
Dr Marva Dawn
Prof. Johannes Maris
Dr Mark Chan
and other lecturers

Choosing your Diploma in Christian Studies Concentrations
We have been announcing various "concentrations" to help those with special interests pursue a graduate level, study programme at BGST. Previously our Diploma in Christian Students was simply the first year in a two-year Master in Christian Studies (MCS) or in a three-year Master of Divinity (M Div).

In the new arrangement, students are urged to register for a programme aimed at completing the requirements for a Dip CS (30 credits) within a period of two years. Those who wish to take a longer time may still do so, at a lighter pace of course. We are happy to announce now
SEVEN DIP CS CONCENTRATIONS to be implemented over the next two years. They are:

Dip CS (Biblical Studies)
Dip CS (Biblical Languages)
Dip CS (Biblical Archaeology)
Dip CS (Missions)
Dip CS (Christian Education)
Dip CS (Counselling)
Dip CS (Speech Communication)

We're implementing in January, 2002 ...
Biblical Studies (Dr Philip Satterthwaite i/c)
Biblical Languages (Dr Quek Swee Hwa i/c)
Christian Education (Dr Ng Peh Cheng i/c)
Speech Communication (Rev Ng Seng Chuan  i/c)

We're implementing in January, 2003 ...
Biblical Archaeology (Dr Quek Swee Hwa i/c)
Missions (Coordinator to be appointed)
Counselling (Mr Yam Keng Mun i/c)

Look out for the brochures giving the details for the 2002 concentrations.

1. Bible Lands Study Tour. Praise God the group visa has been issued - on the eve of the group's departure. We have considered carefully all the factors and have decided the tour is on. The group, comprising 21 persons, led by Dr Quek Swee Hwa, will travel to Turkey and Israel, Dec 5th to 14th. A number of Singaporeans working in Israel hope to join them for portions of the tour.

2. Rev & Mrs Samuel Kim and their two sons stopped over briefly at Changi Airport before going on to Cape Town, South Africa, where their Mission, the Korean Seamens' Mission has a flourishing work. They may minister there for the next three years instead of going on to New York City.

3. Welcome back, Walter Edman! We are glad you're back in time for the Introductory Module of TENT 2002, Dec 6-8, held at the Discipleship Training Centre. Walter will be teaching for Term 1 in 2002 and hopes to return to the USA to finish his doctoral degree. We shall miss you, Walter!

Chapel last week (Nov 28) was taken by Ms Tirzah Cheers nee Kengoo (Dip CS, 1994), who spoke from Ps.34:1 on the theme of thanksgiving. A thankful heart, she began by noting, places God at the centre of our lives. As a result we experience God and know his blessing. Our trust in him increases, and our sense of his sovereignty. Thanksgiving helps us to focus on God as Giver rather than on the blessings he gives. Thus we gain a better perspective and come to have a better sense of God's will. To those who seek him with a thankful heart, God reveals his will. Thanksgiving is what should underlie all our worship of God as we respond to him in prayer. It helps us to cultivate the godly contentment spoken of by Paul in 1 Timothy 6, and an attitude that can honestly praise him in all situations.

After her chapel address was over, Ms. Kengoo also told us about her present work as a lecturer in Business Communication at Temasek Polytechnic, and about situation in Nagaland, N. India. We were also privileged to hear from Miss Alfsen, a long-standing Norwegian friend of Dr. Quek, as she shared about a simple evangelistic booklet that she is hoping will be widely used throughout East Asia.

Chapel this week (Dec 5) will be taken by Dr. Philip Satterthwaite. This will be the last chapel he takes before he leaves for Cambridge, UK, for six months' sabbatical. While he and Eileen his wife are in Cambridge they both hope to complete books (on OT and NT respectively). In his chapel address he will be offering some reflections on his first three years in Singapore as well as sharing his hopes for future ministry.

Happy Birthday & God's Blessings!

Mr Donald Ng Boon Huat 11/19
Ms Chua Chiew Lian 11/22
Ms Amy Fong Foong Leng 11/23
Ms Nellie Har 11/23
Mr Lim Teck Sin 11/25
Mr Paul Kendagor 11/2

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