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Doing Member Care Well
Edited by Kelly O'Donnell.
William Carey Library (2002).
     Doing Member Care Well is an entirely new compilation of articles by experts in the field of pastoral care for missionaries/cross-cultural workers. Kelly O'Donnell, who, together with his wife has done a lot of pioneering work in this field, has brought together an excellent collection of quality studies by some of the most seasoned workers in this field.
It is a hefty tome of 561 pages, and not always an easy read, but I believe this work is long overdue, especially for Singapore. Although we now have some 500 career cross-cultural workers on the field, the Church in Singapore has much to learn about how to give proper care to its overseas workers, and how to balance the demands of the Great Commission with those of the Great Commandment.
     If our society is sometimes seen to be treating people like cogs in a giant economic machine, the Singapore Church is in danger of falling into a similar trap with regards to the people it sends out.
Significant attention is given to the peculiarities of specific continents. The sections on Asia have been prepared by Mrs Gracia Wiarda, Miss Polly Chan, Mr K Rajendran and Miss Ah Kie Lim.
     Every chapter has thoughtful discussion questions, and the book concludes with an extensive directory of member care resources  plus a bibliography.
     In all, this is about the best summary on member care published to date. Credit must go the the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commision for producing this outstanding work. It is available from the SCEM office for S$35 and also at BGST Library (LC 266.00572 ODO).
(Extracted from SCEM Magazine)
     Last Wednesday, Rev Stephen Siauw, the Director of the Gunung Wilis Pioneer Missions, East Java (Indonesia), spoke from Matt. 28:16-20. Rev Siauw has been a missionary for more than 37 years.
     In spite of the many difficult and trying times, Rev Siauw experienced the mighty power of God at each stage of his pioneering ministry, and, encouraged each one to be faithful no matter what may come.
     Chapel speaker for this week (14 Aug) will be resident Lecturer, Dr John Lim. Dr  Loo Yeow Hwa is unwell today and will speak at next week's (21 Aug) Chapel instead.


     BGST library understands the frustration of users during their search for journal articles. The ATLA CD-ROM index was subscribed some time ago to assist users to unlock the valuable resources in various theological journals. However some of the selected articles may not be available in BGST. Thus BGST library came out with a compilation of a journal list that spans across 5 theological and mission institutions in Singapore. Now, this list is made available at Recently  we  have also acquired the Theological Journal CD-ROM that enables you to extract full-text articles from several theological journals. We are also in the process of acquiring the ATLAS database that has more than 50 theological journals in full-text for your research purposes. The Discipleship Journal CD which contains full-text articles from 1980 - 2000 will soon be available in the library too.
     For details, please approach the counter staff.

The Heart of Godly Leadership

by Allan Webb

Effective spiritual leadership must always begin with faithful followership. The effective spiritual leader must first of all learn to be a faithful follower of Jesus. Only after a person has learned to follow should that person ever be entrusted to lead. Leadership is a temporary assignment; followership is a life long calling. It is significant that Jesus never referred to any of his disciples as shepherds until after His resurrection. Up until then He always referred to them as "sheep". This is a constant recurring emphasis in the teaching of Jesus. Jesus always focused more of his attention on teaching his disciples on how to follow than on giving them instruction on how to lead. The single most important lesson for leaders to learn is that they are first sheep, not shepherds, first children, not fathers, first imitators, not models. It is true that we can lead the followers as we ourselves follow the Leader.

  1. CALLING ALL MCS STUDENTS. Please note that Research and Writing is a required course for the MCS programme. The course will be commencing on 29 Aug and we urge you to submit your registration form if you have not done so. For those who are considering MCS but are currently in Dip CS, you might want to take this course earlier as what you would learn from this course will be helpful for you as you complete your Dip CS assignments.
  2. DR JOHN LIM'S EMAIL ADDRESS. If you would like to contact Dr John Lim, kindly use the address as his personal email account has been terminated and the new address is not available yet.
  3. CALLING ALL THOSE WHO HAD ASIAONE EMAIL ACCOUNTS BEFORE. With the discontinuation of the email services provided by AsiaOne, we would appreciate if you provide us with your alternative email address.
  4. CONDOLENCES. The staff of BGST would like to extend our sincere condolences to Mrs Patricia Yong, wife of Mr Yong Teck Meng, on the demise of her mother. Funeral wake is held at 42 Jln Tambur and cortege will leave on Saturday.

A Psalm for Busy People

The Lord is my Pacesetter,
I shall not rush.
He makes me stop and rest
for quiet intervals.
He provides me with images of
stillness, which restore my serenity.
He leads me in ways of efficiency,
through calmness of mind,
And His guidance is peace.
Even though I have a great many things
to accomplish each day
I will not fret.
For His presence is here;
His timeliness, His all-importance
will keep me in balance.
He prepares refreshment and renewal
for me in the midst of my activity.
By anointing my mind with
His oils of tranquility,
my cup of joyous energy overflows.
Surely harmony and effectiveness shall
be the fruits of my hours.
For I shall work in the pace of
my Lord forever.

Wishing you God's blessings 
on your Birthday!

Mr Edwin Chee Sian Kng  14/8
Dr Goh Chay Giam  14/8
Mr Benjamin Lee Boon Sing  14/8
Mr Era Mahendran  14/8
Mr Koe Hung Tatt  15/8
Mr Andrew Immanuel  15/8
Mr Phua Kok Wee  16/8
Major Wayne Ennis  16/8
Ms Grace Losreyes  16/8
Ms Violet Lim  17/8
Mr Stephen Looi  17/8
Mrs Tan Kwee Tin  17/8
Mr Gary Wong  18/8
Pastor Edmund Wong  18/8

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