Issue No. 46

22 - 28 December 2008

Reflection on Fundraising Dinner

2008 fundraising dinnerIt was with much enthusiasm and a sense of privilege in our calling that the committee set off on this venture: to organise BGST's second fundraising dinner.
Our objectives were clear and the sense of mission was felt keenly: we would work in the direction of raising as close as possible to the million dollar target but relying on God to move the hearts of the people we approach to "give as God has prospered them". On a longer term view we would also work towards raising awareness for the work and vision of BGST and seek to widen our network of supporters and prospective course participants.

As the months flew by we were hit by more and more bad news. Many people saw their net worth shrinking and at almost every turn, there were sorry tales of loss and tough times. Some of our early prospects for bigger ticket donations could not make their targets and we had some disappointments. The devotions at each committee meeting continued to emphasise the need to keep our focus on Jesus and not on the winds and the waves around us.

We also made a conscious decision that we would set a lower base price for each table and encourage people to give as they are moved to give. At the same time we tried to reach out through new avenues of raising awareness such as book tables at seminars.

November 21 came and went. Arrangements went smoothly as many pairs of hands went to work willingly and cheerfully. The message delivered by Dr Daniel Block was a rousing reminder that every thing we can accomplish in life is a gift from God and "thanks-living" is truly the only way to live.

What struck me most about the whole project is the very joyful and loving way everyone involved responded when approached to help out. People served humbly and cheerfully and when it was time to give, God's children dug into their pockets and gave, each according to his measure of faith.  

Dr. Daniel I. BlockAlthough the actual amount raised seems to pale in comparison with what was raised last year we are grateful for the love gift that each giver brought to the table. We have faith that God’s work will be accomplished His way and in His time, and that somehow He will provide.

Let us all continue to labour and not be weary of well doing. Times are hard but our Perfect God will never let us down. The most important thing that I bring away from this project is the shining example set by my co-workers. It was such a joy and privilege to serve with people who performed each duty with the attitude that this song portrays:

Siew Kim SiangWhere each one serves Thee lowly,
Whatever his appointed work may be
Till every common task seems great and holy
When it is done, dear Lord as unto Thee.

(by Irene Wee)


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Weekly Highlights

Last week's chapel (17 Dec) was led by Dr Aquila Lee who delivered his message entitled "The Long-Kept Secret of Incarnation."
Looking from a strictly historical perspective, he brought us back to the first century AD and helped us to look at the story surrounding the birth of Jesus from a more historical point of view, seeing things just as it happened, not just as we know it happened with the knowledge we have accumulated as Christians over the years. Dr Lee wanted us to see things as how the shepherds, the magi, Elizabeth, Zachariah, Simeon, Anna, Mary and Joseph would really have experienced the coming of the baby Jesus at the first Christmas. He then concluded that this amazing truth of Jesus' Incarnation was not grasped by the biblical characters of the first Christmas and took some time to be fully revealed. It was only after the resurrection that the early Christians were able to fully understand the true identity of Jesus as the divine and preexistent Son of God.

If you like to listen to his sermon again, you are welcome to borrow the recording from the library.

Chapel on 24 Dec ... a Special Christmas Chapel will begin at 11.30am. Do come to join us to celebrate this Christmas.

There is no Chapel on 31 Dec 2008. Chapel will resume in the new year on 7 Jan 2009.

Admin Office and Library will close at 11.30am for chapel on 24 Dec (Christmas Eve). The School will reopen on 26 Dec. The Library will close at 6pm on 31 Dec (Wednesday).

Bookshop Sale
Bookshop Christmas Sale is extended to 28 December 2008.

News Bits
With more international students coming, the newer students are looking for a room to rent. Please contact Kok Wee at Tel: 62276815 if you have a room to rent or if you need more details.

Intensive Courses by Overseas Lecturers

Dr Douglas MilneDr Douglas Milne, Principal and Professor of Theology and Ethics at the Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne

Theological Foundations I (TS211, 3cr), starting Jan 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19 & 21, 7.15-10.15pm (Required for MDiv)

Ethics, War & Terrorism(TS271, 1.5cr), starting Jan 7 & 13 (Weekdays 7.15-10.15pm); Jan 10 & 17 (Saturdays 10am-1pm)

Dr R Paul StevensDr R Paul Stevens, Marketplace Ministry Mentor, Professor Emeritus, Marketplace Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.

Liberating the Laity(MM251, 3cr), starting Jan 29, 30, Feb 2, 4 6, (Weekdays 7.15-10.15pm), Jan 31, Feb 7 (Saturdays 9.30am-5pm)

Courses Commencing in January & February 2009

*NT Greek: Research Tools & Methods (BG214, 1.5cr), starting Jan 3 (Sat 4-5.30pm). Lecturer: Dr Quek Swee Hwa. (Required for MCS)

The Christian Faith (TS101, 3cr, video class), starting Jan 14 (Wed 7.15-10.15pm). Lecturer: Dr Quek Swee Hwa

*Greek Exegesis I (BG211, 3cr, ongoing), Jan 17 (Sat 2-4pm). Lecturer: Dr Quek Swee Hwa

*The Art of Critical Analysis(GS114, 1.5cr), starting Jan 20 (Tue 7.30-9.30pm). Lecturer: Dr Philip Satterthwaite

Old Testament Foundations II(OT102, 3cr), starting Jan 23 (Fri 7.30-10pm). Lecturer: Dr Philip Satterthwaite

Spirituality for Christian Formation(ECF503, 3cr), starting Feb 3 (Tue 7.15-10.15pm). Lecturer: Mr John Chong Ser Choon

*The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament(MTh515, 2cr or OT/NT202, 1.5cr), starting Feb 4 (Wed 7.15-10.00pm). Lecturer: Mr Quek Tze Ming.

*New Testament Greek I(BG111, 3cr), starting Feb 9 (Mon 7.30-9.30pm). Lecturer: Dr Aquila Lee

New Testament Foundations II(NT102, 3cr), starting Feb 9 (Mon 7.30-9.30pm). Lecturer: Mr Quek Tze Ming

*Counsellor’s Skills: Developing Micro-skills in Counselling (CO213, 3cr), starting Feb 11 (Wed 7.15-10.15pm). Lecturer: Mr Yam Keng Mun

*Research Methods & Ministry: Qualitative(ECF520, 3cr), starting Feb 12 (Thur 7.15-10.15pm). Lecturer: Drs Chen Ai Yan & Ng Peh Cheng

*Courses marked with an asterisk are not offered on audit basis.

Registration is open for all courses. Visit for course description and registration (under Course & Events/Course Schedules).

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