Issue No. 44

17 - 23 November 2008

Announcing A New Event!

Coming in 2009 ~ The Inaugural BGST ANNUAL CONFERENCE 
the Shepherds ~ 
the Pastoral Care Giver’
29 June ~ 2 July 2009 
(Monday ~ Thursday)

What is the Conference about & Why?

This Annual Conference, a new BGST initiative will be launched in 2009. It is designed to have an overseas speaker share the same platform with a local speaker. We aim to craft teaching sessions that engage with the local and regional context so that the critical insights presented will be biblical, theological, current and incisive. We aim to equip God’s people in their spiritual formation and to strengthen their witness in the world. 

This Conference will also launch a summer school programme where several courses conducted by subject matter experts will be offered. (However, the summer school offerings will be launched only in 2010.)

We hope through this annual event:

  1. To provide quality teaching and access to latest biblical, theological, Christian studies by bringing in noted scholars and practitioners from overseas.

  2. To serve those in Christian ministry (local & regional) who with limited time and financial resources are not able to fly out to conferences outside Singapore for learning and for rest.

  3. To promote a holistic approach to ministry by incorporating good teaching as well as actual time for spiritual renewal. Hence spiritual retreat will be incorporated as part of the overall approach.

You know it yourself. Pastoral care is demanding. While you strengthen others, who helps you with your weaknesses? While others look up to you, who is watching out for you? As you seek to be faithful to the call to grow others spiritually, who are you accountable to in your own spiritual formation? As you protect your flock, who guards and warns you about spiritual dangers and pitfalls like fatigue and pride? What are the consequences when pastors and pastoral care-givers neglect their own soul care? These are the issues that we will explore in the first installment of our inaugural Annual Conference.

Conference Details

  • We have built the theme based on Mark 12:28-32.

  • Our overseas speaker is Rev Dr David Sherbino from Tyndale Seminary (Toronto, Canada). He will lead the 1st session for each morning in the message series "How does the pastoral care-giver grows in (1) heart (2) soul (3) mind (4) strength. 

  • Our local speaker is Rev Dr Robert Solomon (Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore). He will continue with a series “How does the pastoral care-giver grow in (1) loving neighbour (2) loving self, (3) loving neighbour as self.

  • There will be 12 related workshops in the afternoon providing more in-depth and practical teachings and dialogue, e.g. Theological Studies and Reflection As A Spiritual Discipline, Cultivating A Sabbatical Lifestyle, Spiritual Friendship.

Calling all who are serving and looking for replenishment …
We associate pastoral care with pastors. But whether you are a cell group leader or the missions member-care executive or a leader serving in para-church organizations, you are involved in listening, encouraging and equipping others to serve. You cannot do these without caring for the person who does the ministry. That involves pastoral care. If you are one of these persons, this conference is for you.

Added Programme: Spiritual Retreat after Conference (2~ 4 July 2009, Thu ~ Sat)
This is a 3 days 2 nights spiritual retreat that continues from the Conference. It will be held in nearby Indonesia. This is a time designed for rest and quiet, solitude and reflection. Dr David Sherbino will be directing this retreat. 

Note: This spiritual retreat is designed for a limited number of participants only. Registration and fees are also separate from Conference proper.

Watch this fortnightly space. We will be introducing our two keynote speakers in the next two updates: Rev Dr David Sherbino (Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, Canada) and Rev Dr Robert Solomon (Bishop of Methodist Church in Singapore)


Chapel This Week: Dr Philip Satterthwaite will continue his fourth sermon on Leviticus (in a series of five). 

In recent weeks Dr. Satterthwaite has been giving a mini-series on the book of Leviticus at BGST Chapel. On October 22nd he spoke on Leviticus 1, which describes the rites for the burnt (or whole) offering. Under the title ‘Devotion to God’, he suggested that the burnt offering was a symbol of the worshipper’s total commitment to God. In the second sermon entitled “All of Life’ (Lev.11), he argued that the distinction between clean and unclean was meant to symbolize Israel’s status as a holy nation among the nations of the world. On November 16th he gave the third sermon which was on Leviticus 16, where he described the rites for the Day of Atonement. In this sermon on ‘Redemption lies in the Future’, he argued that the original message of the chapter for Israel would have been: 

  • The importance of our relationship with God

  • God still has much to do before the work of redemption is complete and the power of sin finally destroyed. 

In applying Leviticus 16 he suggested that the chapter should make us as Christians reflect on where we stand in God’s purposes of salvation, and what it is that God is calling us to. 

On November 19th Dr. Satterthwaite will speak on Leviticus 19, and on November 26th he will speak on Leviticus 26 (the fact that dates and chapter numbers coincide being purely fortuitous!).

Please note that BGST Admin Office and Library will close at 4.00pm on 21 Nov (Fri). On 22 Nov (Sat) Library will be closed. On 26 Nov (Wed) Library will operate from 9am to 5pm. 

Weekly Highlights

The home stretch for the BGST Fund-Raising Dinner is drawing very near. Please join the Dinner Organising Committee in committing the following items to our Almighty God:

As we make our last stretch to attend to the last minute arrangements for the fundraiser, please pray with us that God will prepare the hearts of those who are invited to attend, that they will be ready to receive the blessing and grace of giving.

Pray for all involved in the program from the speaker, Dr Daniel Block to the behind-the-scenes workers, to the organizers and assistants, the volunteers and the students, the restaurant workers and the guests, that God will touch their hearts with a sense of the joy of participating in this worthy cause. May they see the significance of this work and move in unity and conscientiousness to complete the irrespective task at hand.

Pray also for each component of the evening from the pre-dinner activities to the various speeches, the food service and the fellowship at each table, the fundraising and collection, and counting, that all will go smoothly as we encourage one another to good works to the furtherance of His kingdom and the glory of God.

These are difficult times for many as we are confronted with bad news from the markets and the press. May our courage and faith stand firm as we look to Him who is the giver of every good and perfect gift. He is our Provider and Protector. May God’s people give faithfully and reap bountifully as He has promised. 

Admission is by invitation only. 

For enquiries on hosting a table, please contact Serene at Tel: 62276815 or email 

Dr Daniel I. BlockAmong the distinguished guest lecturers we have invited, we are privileged to have Dr Daniel Block coming to BGST. Dr Block is Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, Illinois. He has written more than fifty scholarly essays and numerous popular articles on biblical texts and subjects. He has also published commentaries on Ezekiel and on Judges and Ruth.

We hope you can make time to join us at the following Public Lectures:

“Whose Worship Pleases God? A New Look at Cain & Abel” 
22 Nov 2008 (Saturday), 
2pm – 3.30pm

“The Ten Commandments: The World’s First Bill of Rights” 
26 Nov 2008 (Wednesday), 
8pm – 9.30pm

Both public lectures will be held at Zion Bible-Presbyterian Church,
4 Bishan St 13, Singapore 579792

31 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088454. Tel: 62276815 Fax: 62276816 
Email :
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