Issue No. 3

19 - 25Jan 2009

Chapel Notes

At Chapel on 14th January our speaker was Mr. Samuel Ratnam, the first of a number of BGST alumni who will be speaking at Chapel during 2009.

Mr. Ratnam addressed us on ‘The State of the Heart: Emotions in Christian Life and Ministry’. He began by setting out three reasons why this is an important topic. There are Theological reasons: emotions are part of our nature as created beings, sharing in the corruption introduced by the Fall, and also in our redemption through Christ. There are Contextual reasons: this is a society which tends to ride roughshod over human emotions, and there is a real need for an experience of God’s reality. Finally, there are Psychological reasons: everyone these days recognises the tremendous role played by emotions in determining whether humans flourish or wither.

With this introduction, Mr. Ratnam took us through a range of biblical texts relating to human emotions, noting among other things, how emotions seem to be formed in us at a very early stage; how negative or positive emotions can influence those around us and the consequences passed on over several generations; and how emotional strengths and weaknesses can both be found in the same person. He concluded by pointing us to the cross, a symbol of rejection overcome, and to the Holy Spirit, sent to us as Counsellor and Comforter. The closing thought was provided by the words Jesus’ own prayer in John 17:13 that his disciples might have God’s joy fulfilled in them: this is indeed God’s desire for us.

If you would like to listen to this rich sermon, based on a wealth of personal experience, a recording of it is available.

Weekly Highlights

Next week’s Chapel speaker is Mr Venusa Tinyi, full time, MCS student from Nagaland, India. Do come to join us.

Report on Amount Raised at BGST Fundraising Dinners 2007 & 2008
We thank God for his grace and goodness in meeting our on-going financial needs:
Amount raised at dinner on 21 Nov 2008 held at Pioneer Spring Restaurant = $233,000
Amount raised at dinner on 09 Nov 2007 held at Fullerton Hotel = $630,000
Details may be obtained on request to Treasurer, Joyce Tan or Administrator, Serene Woon.

An Introductory Video Presentation on BGST is now available on our webpage. Go to our homepage at and click on the BGST video link. Enjoy!

The School is closed for Chinese New Year on 26 & 27 Jan and will resume operations on 28 Jan (Wed).

New at BGST Bookshop
Living at the Crossroads
by Michael W. Goheen & Craig G. Bartholomew
(Baker Academic, 2008)

This accessible introduction to Christian worldview explores how Christians can live faithfully at the crossroads of Scripture and postmodern culture.

Quote of the Week

“Spirituality is responding to the seeking God in the totality of our lives, in the center of the daily round, rather than the circumference. And such a down-to-earth-spirituality does not make us religious but fully human. This is a lifelong process . . .”
− Dr Paul Stevens (Professor emeritus, Marketplace Theology & Leadership, Regent College, Vancouver)

Dr Stevens is teaching a course, “Liberating the Laity: Empowering the Whole People of God for Service in the Church & World” at BGST from 29 Jan - 7 Feb.

Link for Liberating the Laity
Registration is open for all courses. Visit for course description and registration (under Course & Events/Course Schedules).

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