Issue No. 5

2 - 8 Feb 2009

2009 Annual Conference News & Update
“Tending the Shepherds ~ Feeding the Pastoral Care-Givers”
29 June ~ 2 July 2009 (Monday ~ Thursday)

This Conference Is Not Just For Pastors Only!

Are you in people ministry? A cell group leader? In missions member care?
Do you listen to encourage, or invest time to equip others?
Do you at times feel you need to be listened and encouraged yourself; to be renewed and refreshed even as you care for others?
If so, this conference is for you.

Our two morning speakers, Dr David Sherbino and Bishop Dr Robert Solomon are both experienced pastor-teachers who know the drain of ministry and work, and the need for soul care. They will teach from the Word of God and share from their own lives.

The topics in the afternoon workshop cover practical areas like theological reflections, finishing well, cultivating a sabbatical lifestyle, spiritual friendship, spiritual exercises, strengthening spousal relationship, nurturing emotional health etc.

You can register now!
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Chapel Summary

Our speaker at Chapel this Wednesday was Venusa Tinyi, from Nagaland, currently studying for the MCS at BGST. In effect, he gave a ‘multi-media’ presentation, playing a short piece of music on a wooden flute, reading a number of biblical texts, and then reading two poems: one by Rudyard Kipling and also a poem that Venusa himself wrote in response to the death of his father.

For most of what he said Venusa focused on the book of Job, noting that it is a book of irony and paradox, but also a book of hope and encouragement, particularly for those whose personal circumstances are discouraging or painful. One intriguing feature of the book of Job is that none of the human characters in the book (Job, his three friends, Elihu) are ever aware of the exchanges between God and the Satan in the opening two chapters, which do so much to explain what Job has to suffer; instead, they have to try to make sense of events without knowing all the facts (just as we do, in fact). We may be inclined to condemn Job’s friends for their excessively mechanical theology of justice and suffering (and God’s verdict in Job 42 shows that we would be justified in this), but we must ask ourselves: if someone came before us in great distress lamenting their condition and accusing God of injustice, how would we respond? Would it not perhaps be along the lines of Job’s friends?

Venusa’s presentation concluded by focusing on one very attractive feature of Job: that he constantly seeks a relationship with God. Even his speeches, which are so full of complaint and questioning, also contain many prayers to God, from which it can be seen that for Job it was as important to know God as to know what to say about God.

Prof Paul Stevens will be sharing at Chapel on 4 Feb (Wed). Do come to join us.


News Bits

Notice: Hebrew Classes (BH 111/BH 214) on Saturdays?

Any reader of BTW who is interested in the possibility of attending an introductory course in Biblical Hebrew to be held on Saturday mornings (11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.) should contact Dr. Philip Satterthwaite at one of his email addresses ( or As with the Hebrew teaching in 2008, the course will have the joint course code BH 111/BH 214. Students can stop after eight lectures (the requirement for BH 214, 1.5 credits) or go on for the full sixteen projected lectures (the requirement for BH 111, 3 credits). The aim is to start this course (not previously advertised) after Chinese New Year, and to proceed at a rate which students find comfortable, meeting every week or sometimes after a gap of two weeks. For further details contact Dr. Satterthwaite as soon as possible. These courses are offered for credit only, and normal fees apply.

Faculty On The Move
Dr Philip Satterthwaite will be teaching “God's Mission: Israel, Jesus and the Church” at the Emmanuel    Evangelical Free Church’s Adult Bible Class.

The titles for the three talks will be:

  • 'God's Mission and Israel's Calling' (8th Feb)
  • ‘The Prophecies of Israel's Restoration' (15th Feb)
  • 'Jesus, the Church and the Fulfilment of Prophecy' (22nd Feb)

Preaching Invitation
Dr Aquila Lee has been invited to preach at Bedok Methodist Church on Sunday 8 Feb 2009 for the services at 8.30am, 10.30am and 5pm.

Faculty Research & Publication
Mr Quek Tze-Ming, Lecturer in NT & Hermeneutics, has an essay published in a peer-reviewed journal: "A Text-Critical Study of John 1.34." New Testament Studies 55 (2009): 22-34. Read it online at Cambridge Journals Online:

With effect from February 2009, BGST This Week (BTW) will be published weekly as an e-bulletin. Print copies will only be produced on the second and fourth week of the month.

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