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Issue No. 10

9 - 15 Mar 2009

Book Review by Dr Aquila Lee


C. S. LewisConversations with C. S. Lewis: Imaginative Discussions About Life, Christianity and God, Robert Velarde (IVP, 2008).

My first encounter with this book was at the book exhibition during the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)Annual Meeting in Boston last November. I was hunting for some good books out of thousands of books on display as they came with heavy discounts. The name “C. S. Lewis” and the 50% discount sticker struck my eyes. The book then became my best travel companion throughout the long hours of flight back home to Singapore. It was a fascinating read.

The book begins like this: “C. S. Lewis died in 1963, but I met him last week. At least, I think I did. He appeared in my hospital room, sitting quietly in a worn but plush vinyl chair, working on a crossword puzzle in a tattered newspaper. The man must have come in while I slept. I remember opening my eyes, rubbing them to clear away the blur of my dreams and suddenly realizing I was not alone.”

The creativity of this book lies in the format chosen by the author. Instead of a traditional non-fiction format of many other books about C. S. Lewis, the author has come up with an engaging and imaginative narrative where the main character, an atheist, encounters with Lewis and the two begin an imaginative, but fascinating journey into the past life of Lewis. The book is written in the first person and from the perspective of the skeptic rather than Lewis himself. Throughout the book the author recreates not only Lewis’s childhood and the major events of his life, but also what exactly someone like C. S. Lewis would say if you were to have a personal conversation with him. Perhaps, you will find some of the questions you would have wished to ask him in person.

Written by a former atheist, this book is a creative apologetic which will provide readers a sort of primer on defending Christianity, as it addresses fundamental questions such as the problem of evil, the existence of God, heaven and hell, and more. Whether you are a fan of C. S. Lewis or not you will enjoy reading it, but if you want to get double the satisfaction it is ideal for passing on to your non-Christian friends. They will not get disappointed either. You can get a copy from BGST Bookshop at $23.50.

Chapel Summary

The speaker for the last week’s chapel was Rev Dr Daniel Chua, Senior Pastor of Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church. The message, entitled “Crisis at Ziklag”, was based on 1 Samuel 30:1-8 and particularly addressed those who are already in ministry or who are preparing for it. He drew out three biblical insights from the faith and character of David.

What do you do when things go terribly wrong in your life or ministry?

  1. Even if you get blamed for no reason, do not take it personally.

  2. We need to find strength in the Lord (v.6).

  3. Remember that the crisis may be the culmination of many years of God’s training that leads you to “the best.” Hold on. Do not give up!

Weekly Highlights

Next Week’s Chapel speaker (11 Mar) is Pastor Alby Yip (MDiv 2008), our Alumni. He is pastoring at Grace (SCC) Church. You are welcome to join us.

The Chapel speaker on 18 March will be Dr Aquila Lee. Chapel begins at 12pm every Wednesday.

Mr Chew Boon Ann
worships at the Light of Christ Church Woodlands. He is a lay leader in the Home Group ministry and Church Leadership Committee.  A banker by profession, he is now serving as the Mission Secretary at the Diocese of Singapore (Anglican).

Inaugural Conference Update #6
“Tending the Shepherds ~ Feeding the Pastoral Care Giver”
29 June ~ 2 July 2009 (Monday ~ Thursday)

Introducing our Workshop Speakers

Eight workshops will be offered during the Conference. The workshops will bring into focus the various areas that pastoral care-givers need to develop for their spiritual vitality.

We will be introducing the workshop speakers in this update.

Jimmy TanJimmy Tan
W5 Spiritual Exercises to Align our Mind, Heart and Body to Our Triune God and His Purposes

Jimmy is the associate minister at Bethel Presbyterian Church. He has been working on twinning Christian spirituality with leadership development and applying them with a missional perspective in the local church.

Lim Boon Seng & PatriciaLim Boon Seng & Patricia
W6 For Better for Worse or for Good?

Boon Seng and Pat were married in 1977. They have two grown-up children, Samuel and Eunice. Boon Seng has more than 20 years of pastoral experience and Pat is a great helpmate to his life and ministry. Together they conduct marriage preparation courses, marriage enrichment weekends, family and parenting seminars.

Song Cheng HockSong Cheng Hock
W7 The Mental and Emotional Being of a Pastoral Care Leader

Cheng Hock has over 15 years of pastoral experience and had taught counseling courses at BGST. Having struggled with bi-polar mood disorder, he now provides counselling and self-empowerment courses in the areas of self-awareness, stress and anger management, depression, leadership and marriage enrichment.

Tan Soo InnTan Soo Inn
W8 Cultivating Spiritual Friendship

Soo Inn is a director of Graceworks, a training and publishing consultancy committed to promoting spiritual friendship in church and society. He runs this ministry in partnership with his wife, Bernice. He also serves as honorary associate pastor of Evangel Christian Church, Singapore.

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