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Issue No. 11

16 - 22 Mar 2009



20th anniversary logoBGST IS 20 YEARS OLD - WE WANT TO PICK YOUR BRAINS !!!

This is an appeal to our friends, students and alumni, especially those who have been part of, or associated with, BGST for a long time. We need your memories!

Several thanksgiving and commemorative events (including a magazine and a video clip) are being planned to celebrate BGST's 20th Anniversary later this year. To chart God's faithfulness to us, we would love to hear your story with BGST. This can be an anecdote about a class you took, an old photograph, an old graduation diploma or award, class lecture notes, an old MMM, or even an old recording of a private study class that you've "forgotten" to return to the library after all these years!

If you do have any of these, or even just a story to share about your experiences with BGST, whether it's the "early years" or more recently, please get in touch with me:

Quek Tze-Ming
Mobile: +65 9060 8340

You have my promise that your memorabilia will be returned unharmed. Tell us about Green Lane, or Ling Kwang Home, or Jalan Pemimpin, or Bishan Street 13 or even Tanjong Pagar!

Chapel Summary

The speaker for the last week's chapel was Pastor Alby Yip (MDiv 2008), who is pastoring the English congregation at Grace (SCC) Church. The message, entitled "A Pastor's Reflection of 1 Corinthians 12:12-26," was his own reflection of this passage from the perspective of the responsibility of a pastor. Pastor Alby shared with us the precious lessons he has learnt during his ten years of pastoral ministry. We know that the lessons learnt from experience are much more precious than the mere head knowledge however solid it may be. We thank God for his faithful service to the Lord. Here is the summary of his message in his own words:

The first lesson I have learnt is that I am a shepherd leading the flock, not the cowboy driving the herd.
Verses 12 to13 remind me that the church is not an institution but an organism - it is about feeding the flock, not stuffing things down their throats. These verses also remind me that the body of Christ includes also the pastor - learning, in the body of Christ, is two-way. 

The second lesson that I have learnt is that I am a recruiter for God’s service, not recruiter for the church’s service.  
Verses 14 to 21 remind me that serving God is more than a willing heart - I have since learnt the tag line: Right Person at the Right Place in the Right Time. These verses also remind me that the body of Christ extends wider than the church premises - it is not about where or what, but how I serve.  

The third lesson that I have learnt is that I am serving people, not programmes.  
Verses 21 to 26 remind me that the church exists for people, not programmes - I have to overlook unorthodox
behaviours, but I cannot neglect real needs. 

The church is made up of living sinners and not dead saints - that was why Paul ended this chapter and began the next on the quintessential element in the body of Christ - LOVE!

Weekly Highlights
Chapel speaker for 18th March is Dr Aquila Lee. Chapel begins at 12pm every Wednesday.

Next Week’s Chapel speaker (25th Mar) will be Mr Ranaivoarisoa Mandimby Haja, a full-time (Grad Dip CS) student from Madagascar. You are welcome to join us.

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