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Issue No. 12

23 - 29 Mar 2009


inaugural conferenceDr Philip SatterthwaiteDr Philip Satterthwaite
W1 Theological Studies & Reflection As A Spiritual Discipline
Pastors are ministers of God’s Word, called to apply biblical truth to people’s lives. To do so, we need our own time to feed upon God’s Word, to reflect upon the implications of Christian truth for our own lives and ministries? There is a danger that pastors will become no more than ‘short-order cooks’ who are constantly preparing biblical or doctrinal ‘meals’ for others, but never feed themselves adequately or with a balanced diet.

The renewal of the mind which Paul speaks of in Romans 12 is a continuing task. In a world where all sorts of novel teachings and marketing strategies abound, the danger of unbiblical ideas and attitudes subtly influencing and deforming pastoral ministries is a real one. In this context, purposeful and continuing theological studies and reflection should be seen, not as a luxury for those who happen to have the spare time, but as an essential foundation for the pastoral ministry.

This workshop, in two parts will aim to answer these questions:

  • Why should pastors continue to engage in theological studies and reflection, even long after they have left college?
  • What resources are available in Scripture and in the other theological disciplines?
  • How are pastors to draw upon these resources?

The two sessions will aim to blend theoretical discussion with a realistic assessment of the busy pastoral work demands to find out how to engage in theological studies and reflection as a spiritual discipline.

Rev Dr David WongRev Dr David Wong
W2 Finishing Well: Taking First Steps Now
You can be on track to Finishing Well.

When we cross mid-life, we want the second half to be better than the first. We have laid the foundations and we want to build on them. We have made the investment and we want to protect them.

How can we ensure that we will move beyond mid-life to finish well? Some individuals have succeeded in career and ministry at the expense of their marriage and family. They have climbed up the ladder of achievement only to find it leaning against the wrong wall.

Others have found professional fulfillment but feel there is more. Life is more than acquiring material things and satisfying personal needs. We want to do something significant and leave behind a lasting legacy.

To finish well, we have to begin now. We can begin by taking the first steps, putting a few essential things in place. The truth is that few leaders finish well. You want to be among them.

Mr Chong Ser ChoonMr John Chong Ser Choon
W3 Cultivating A Sabbatical Lifestyle ~ Exploring The Spiritual Disciplines
God made the world and humankind in six days. He set aside the seventh day as a day of rest, thus setting into motion a rhythm of grace for wholistic living:  six days of work and one day of rest. We greatly need to recover this rhythm for our busy lives today. 

This workshop will survey the biblical teaching on Sabbath to work its the practical implications for our daily routines. Three spiritual disciplines will be explored: silence & solitude, journaling and retreat. There will be an experiential segment where we will “practice” keeping the Sabbath.

We close by pointing forward to ways to cultivate this sabbatical lifestyle. (The insights of some early Christians on the tension between busyness for God and the desire to draw near to God will be included as well.)

Rev Dr Daniel ChuaRev Dr Daniel Chua
W4 Working The Angles For Long-Haul Ministry
The average tenure of a pastor is often too short to ensure lasting impact in a church. The contributing factors come
from both sides of the divide, with pastors and lay-leaders aggravating the situation. This workshop seeks to explain why we have more to gain by encouraging long-term ministry. Pastor Daniel Chua will draw from his personal experience of staying 20 years in the same church to offer suggestions on how lay-leaders can provide soul-care to their pastors. The target audience is pastors and lay-leaders alike so that both can think on the same page to reap the benefits of long-term ministry.

Chapel Summary

Dr Aquila Lee was the speaker last week. His exposition on the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16) was entitled "The Gospel in a Nutshell." Many of us feel quite puzzled by the landowner's seemingly 'unequal' treatment towards his workers. However, his exposition has shown that the point of the parable was not to teach us about the proper relationship between an employer and employees or the ideal staff payroll system in an organization, but God's grand generosity towards the 'unworthy' for the Kingdom of God. While we tend to identify the "eleventh hour" workers with deathbed converts or Christians with little devotion to God, the surprising truth is that all of us, without exception, fall under this category (Rom 5:6; Eph 2:5). It is all by His amazing love and grace (or grand generosity) that we are saved and it should be a sufficient reason to persevere even in the midst of the current economic crisis.

Weekly Highlights
Chapel speaker for 25 March is Mr Ranaivoarisoa Mandimby Haja, full-time Grad Dip CS student from Madagascar. Chapel begins at 12pm every Wednesday.

Rev Timothy Phua, Pastor of Mt Horeb BP, will be our Chapel Speaker on 1 April. He will preach on  "The Aroma of Christ" based on 2 Corinthians 2:14-17You are welcome to join us.

Courses commencing in March - May 2009

The Christian Spirit (TS251, 3cr, video class);  Mar 31, Apr 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12 19, 26; (Tue 7.30-9.30pm) Lecturer : Prof James Houston; Facilitator: Mr Chong Ser Choon [Required for MDiv]

The Roots of Christianity: Early Christian History, Theology & Spirituality (CH260/TS281, 1.5cr),  Apr 1, 3, 6, 8; (2 session per week,  7.15-10.15pm). Lecturer: Mr Lai Pak Wah

Educational Planning & Management (ECF510, 3 cr);  Apr 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26; (Tue 7.15-10.15pm) Lecturer: Dr Ng Peh Cheng

Isaac, Jacob, Joseph: God’s Grace in a Dysfunctional Family (OT372, 1.5cr) Apr 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26; (Tue 7.30-9.30pm) Lecturer: Dr Philip Satterthwaite

*Preaching in the Church: Homiletics I, (AT243, 1.5cr);  Apr 16, 23, 30, May 7; (Thu 7.15-10.15pm) Lecturer: Rev Song Cheng Hock; [Required for MDiv]

 Women, Church & Ministry (AT255, 1.5cr) 
 Apr 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21, 28, Jun 4, 11; (Thu 7.30-9.30pm) Lecturer: Dr Augustine Pagolu

Romans: The Gospel According to Paul (NT311, 1.5cr, video class); Apr 22, 29, May 27, Jul 8, 29,(5sessions), (New  starting dates), (Wed 7.15-10.15pm). Lecturer:  Dr Quek Swee Hwa

The Genesis of All Things: Genesis 1-11 (OT370, 1.5cr) May 4, 11, 18, 25; (Mon 7.15-10.15pm)
Lecturer: Dr Augustine Pagolu

TENT Module - Theology of Work
May 14, 21, 28; (Thu 7.20 - 10pm) Lecturer: Dr Toh See Kiat

*Courses marked with an asterisk are not offered on audit basis.

Registration is open for all courses. Visit for course description and registration (under Course & Events/Course Schedules).

News Bits

Craig Chan ThomasFaculty News
Dr Quek will be leaving this Wednesday, 25 Mar, for India as he has been invited to deliver the graduation address at the 15th Graduation & Commissioning Service of Jubilee Memorial Bible College in Chennai.

Dr Philip Satterthwaite will be preaching at Emmanuel EFC at 9.30am service on 29th March.

Dr Aquila Lee will be speaking at both 8.30am and 10.30am services at Zion (Bishan) B-P Church on 29th March.

Our part-time faculty, Mr John Chong Ser Choon will be preaching at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church for their Holy Week Evening Service (6th - 9th April 09, 8 pm nightly). The series is entitled "Following Christ to the Cross ~ Come, Die, Live." All are welcome.

Job Vacancy - Part-time
BGST is urgently looking for a part-time staff to work in the Library and Bookshop. This job encompasses - shift work, Saturday duties, computer literacy. Interested applicatant who wants to participate in the ministry of BGST may contact Mr Leong Kok Weng at Hp 92992280.

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