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Issue No. 30

27 Jul - 2 Aug 2009

Good Book

Passion by Dr Wee Teck Young

We live poorly because we love meagerly.

Wherever we are and whatever we do, it is an exciting fulfillment to share the love that is the distinguishing mark of God’s disciple.

What are we passionate about? What is the abundant life we dream about? What tickles us, and brings out the fire in us? In living that life, we may find that loving God and others gives the deep meaning to life we long for. For most of us, it will be in our home country. For some of us, it may take us places. Sow that passion!

Making disciples is not just converting others. It is also sharing with others the great Love and Truth that has changed and freed us.

This Love and Truth permeated my heart years ago. When I allowed Him to nurture my interest in the people of Central Asia, I completed my medical studies with that focus in mind - to work deliberately towards serving these people. Till this day, He gets my heart thumping, my mind prostrate and my wonder alive!

God is in the passion of restoring the relationships of a hurting and needy mankind. Even helping ONE individual is worthwhile.

One such individual I knew was Najib, a street-kid orphaned by an inhumane war, and reduced to collecting garbage for a living and needing shoes, a home and a smile.

I couldn’t do much for him but he demonstrated friendship and consideration when he came specially to tell me that he was leaving for another country in search of a better life. He helped me understand that the Love, which is stronger than human life and earthly death, will guide and follow him where I could not.

I had to grasp a simmering passion and take practical steps to grow it. After graduation, I completed further training in Family Medicine, then ran a General Practice clinic for a year before setting out for Central Asia.

Act on your decisions, knowing that your ACTIONS steer your path.


Working outside our comfort zones naturally brings many challenges: adjusting to food, evolving customs, strange languages and fascinating people. However, humans have been doing this since time immemorial. It is in times of stress and change that man has met with the most satisfying break throughs.

Do not worry too much about acclimatisation and adjustments. We will manage, more so when our Creator God enables.

The Master did not select the “Holy Joes” or the “Super- Skilled” for a start, but the fisherman and the tax collector. So, pursue your trade, skill and hobby with enthusiasm and do not pander to the narrow, man-made criteria of the “missionary’.

Remember the call to ‘change and become like little children’!

So share with others the Grace and Truth you enjoy - in the individualised context of your God given life with all its interests and passions. Humbly live out the mysterious and reasonable faith in God who lived the human life for a miraculous speck of time, full of Grace and Truth.

Sharing this helps us to live the passionate life and make it worth having, both in this fading world and in the tear-less age to come.

 carry the spicesTeck Young’s reflection appears in Carry the Spices: Singaporean Doctors in Medical Missions and Pastoral Ministry (2007), edited by Chua Choon Lan & Tan Lai Yong, published by Singapore Medical Missions Foundations.

The book is a collection of inspiring stories by doctors and dental surgeons who obeyed the Lord’s call to spread the fragrance of God’s love and compassion as missionaries and pastors. Professor Lim Pin aptly describes them as men and women who are “moved by love and powered by faith” to beat against the odds to serve a Great God!

weekly updates
Weekly Updates

Guest Chapel Speaker on 29th July is Dr Jerry Mick, Chairman, Outreach to Asia Nationals. Chapel begins at 12 pm every Wednesday.

Rev Dr David Yap (Senior Pastor of Yio Chu Kang Chapel) will be speaking on “Partnership in God’s Kingdom” (Phil 1:3-5) on 5 August . You are welcome to join us.

News Bits

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Lecturer: Mr Benjamin Pwee
Dates :  Aug 27*(Thu), Sep 2, 9, 15*(Tue); (New starting date)
Mr Benjamin Pwee is Managing Director of Christian business consultancy firm I-deo Asia Ltd.  He was a former Singapore Government scholar and senior political diplomat in charge of Greater China. He has a BA (Hons) and MA from Cambridge University (UK), a Masters in Christian Studies from China Graduate School of Theology (Hong Kong), and has done further training at Harvard Business School (USA). In his work, he has provided business development strategies, corporate training and executive coaching services to Fortune 500 companies like Philips, AIG, AXA, Ericcson, etc, as well as to government and non-profit charitable welfare organisations around the Asia-Pacific region. Formerly an OMF missionary and Special Assistant to the Anglican Bishop of Singapore, he also writes periodically for the Straits Times.  He is married to a school teacher and they have three children.

This course provides an introduction and overview to globalization and post-modernity, and outlines the key theological issues and concerns that they pose to the Church in Asia today.  It seeks to help students better understand, grasp and come to terms with these issues, and not only see their impact on the Church in Asia, but also be able to formulate a Christian response at a personal and corporate level to them.

The course goals are:

  • To understand and appreciate the impact of globalization and post-modernity on the Church in Asia
  • To appreciate the theological and ministry challenges posed to the Church in Asia by these issues
  • To formulate a Christian response to these issues at a personal and a corporate level

For full course description, click on this link http://bgst.edu.sg/courses/pdf/mm258-09.pdf.

family day

chapel message
Chapel Notes

Chapel Notes
During last week’s Chapel service, Joseph Dakum, (Grad DipCS 1994, MDiv 1996, MTh student) described how Abraham resolved a family business dispute (Gen.13) and why God was pleased with the manner he solved the problem.

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