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Issue No. 38

21 - 27 Sep 2009

Thinking Points by Mickey Chiang


Two mynah birds met on top of a lamp post in a park one sunny day. One was plump, with well-groomed shiny feathers. The other looked half-starved and had dull-looking feathers. The plump bird was named Chub-b-bee by his mother, who was rather proud of her warbling voice.

“Good morning Mr Chub-b-bee, sir,” greeted the thinner bird. “Mr Chub-b-bee, how do you manage to look so well-fed in these hard times?”

Chub-b-bee looked down his gleaming beak at Slim. “Why, Slim, that’s because I eat well. I don’t want to boast, but only the best food is good enough for me!”

“Yes, yes, but where do you find such food? What is your secret, please?” asked Slim.

“My secret is that I pray,” replied Chub-b-bee piously. “You should pray too.”

“But I do, I do!” chirped Slim, nodding his black head vigorously. “I pray three times a day.”

“Ah, but it’s not how often you pray that matters, it’s who you pray to.”

“Eh? Who do you pray to, Mr Chub-b-bee, sir?” asked Slim.

Chub-b-bee stuck out his chest and fluffed out his feathers until he looked like a big black ball. He jerked his beak in one direction.

“See that big white house with the red roof, just outside the park? That’s where my god lives. Every morning, I perch on a high branch of the mango tree outside the upper window and look in at my sleeping god. It’s no use praying when he is sleeping, you know?”

“Oh. I didn’t know that. But do go on, sir, do go on!”

“Well, at 8 o’clock, a box in his room rings and my god wakes up. Isn’t he amazing? He can make something with no life force in it speak to him to wake him up. That’s my god. Mighty is he.”

“So you pray to him as soon as he wakes up?”

“No, Slim, timing is everything. I fly down to a lower branch and wait until he comes down to his breakfast table. When he has eaten for a while, that’s when I sing as loudly and beautifully as I know how. ‘My lord, my lord, please look at poor hungry me. Please feed me! Please feed me!”

“That’s when food drops down from the sky?” Slim asked, in awe.

“No, no. My lord then comes to the window, smiles at me and throws to me cereal or pieces of bread, whatever he was eating. Why, Slim, I’m eating the very food of the gods!”

“Wow….” Slim gasped. “Okay, I’ll join you at the mango tree tomorrow morning, and pray with you.”

“Don’t you dare!” shrieked Chub-b-bee. “Go fly around another part of town and find your own god to pray to!”

“Okay, thanks,” sang Slim with joy, as he flew off on his sacred quest.

Chub-b-bee saw nary a feather of Slim for a couple of weeks. Then, late one morning, a bird flew towards the old lamp post in the park.

“Good heavens!” exclaimed Chub-b-bee, “could that be old Slim? But it looks bigger and fatter around the waist than Slim ever was.” But it was Slim all right.

“Slim! Is that you old bird? My, my, you’ve come up in the world, I see. So praying works for you too, huh?”

Slim lifted up one foot and studied his toes carefully. “Not exactly, Chub,” he replied, in a superior way, you understand. Then he went on to explain.

“Well, at first I tried your pleading method of praying. ‘Please lord, give me my daily rice, cereal, bread and cake, Amen’, I sang over and over again. And it worked just as you said. But one day I forgot to say ‘Please lord”, and you know what? He gave me my food just the same. And the next day, the same thing happened. Now when I yell out, ‘Hey you! Gimme my food, now!’ he does! So do you see, Chub, I’ve become a god and he has become my obedient servant! Chub, from now on, address me with due respect. You may call me: My Great God.”

How are you praying to the Almighty God? Are you treating Him with all due honour and respect, or are you treating him like a wish-granting servant?

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Our Chapel Speaker on 30 Sep will be Ian Payne. Chapel begins at 12 pm every Wednesday. You are welcome to join us.          

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FAMILY DAY"Fun!" ... "I enjoyed myself :-)" ... "My stress was taken away" ... "Well-organized" ... "Too short"
These were some of the comments we received for the Family Day held on 5 Sep 2009. If you have missed it, do check out the link! Dr Edwin Tay led us in a time of worship, while Daniel Lau and Venusa Tinyi conducted various games. The lecturers and administrative staff were also presented with tokens of appreciation, before we  fellowshipped over a six-dish lunch. The planning team thanks God for the pleasant weather, encouraging turnout of 62 people, sufficient food, and all those who helped out. Thank you for all the prayers, too!
— Alvina Ng

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Public LectureBiblical Graduate School of Theology
presents a public lecture by Dr Gordon T. Smith
Date : 24 Sept (Thu) 2009
Time : 7.30 - 9.00pm
Venue : Zion BP Church (Sanctuary)
No. 4 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579792
For further details, please go to: http://bgst.edu.sg/smith-lecture/sea_of_change.pdf
For online registration, please go to: http://bgst.edu.sg/smith-lecture/gsmith.html

The Library will be closed at 5.30 pm on Thursday, 24 September due to the Public Lecture. It will resume operations on Friday, 25 September.

Dr Ng Peh Cheng will be speaking at the Neighbourhood Church (CNEC) (27th Sep) on “Discipling Children Through Sunday School.”

CHECK OUT our New Course Schedule Year 2009-2010 Semester 2 at http://bgst.edu.sg/pdf/2009-2010sem2.pdf

Leadership Essentials,
AT254, 1.5 cr
Lecturer : Dr Tan Soo-Inn
Dates :  Oct 1, 8, 15, 22; 
Time : 7.15 - 10.15pm
Rev Dr Tan Soo-Inn is a director of Graceworks, a ministry committed to promoting spiritual friendship in church and society. He has a BDS from the University of Singapore, a ThM (NT) from Regent College, and a DMin from Fuller seminary.  He has served as the lead pastor of two churches and as the executive leader of a major parachurch organization. He has also started and led two ministries. His passions include connecting the Word of God to the struggles of daily life, and the mentoring of emerging leaders.

In a time of rapid change, both church and marketplace are crying out for effective leadership. This course will lay out key biblical principles for good leadership. We will also be reviewing significant contemporary thinking on the subject. Our understanding is that leadership is more function than office. The leadership principles presented in the course will be applicable to both church and marketplace contexts. The course participant will be encouraged to work out a theology of leadership and to apply it in his or her own context.

As a result of participating in this course, the student will:

  1. Examine the bible's understanding of leadership.
  2. Understand the eight key functions of the practice of leadership.
  3. Be aware of the difficulties and opportunities of doing leadership in today's world.
  4. Review and critique some key approaches to leadership practice today
  5. Audit where he or she is in their leadership journey and identify some key growth areas.

For the full course description, click on this link http://bgst.edu.sg/courses/pdf/at254-09.pdf

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