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Issue No. 48

30 Nov- 6 Dec 2009

Take A Look! It’s Worth Your Time! By Dr Augustine Pagolu

Introducing the Journal The Bible Translator (BT): BT claims to be a refereed journal, published by the United Bible Societies (UK), twice a year. It often carries some interesting articles especially for those involved in cross-cultural missions. For instance, the current issue has an interesting article on the translation of ‘eagle’ in the Myanmar Bible, and one on the history of Bible translation in Mongolian. Interestingly, these articles reveal many insights into the culture and the Gospel from the time Christianity arrived in a particular culture. You may be surprised to note that Christianity arrived in Mongolia in the 6th and 7th centuries through the Nestorian Christians who carried the Bible in Syriac. Since then, the Mongolian Bible has been translated into several languages, including Russian and Chinese. What language do they have it in now? Why not pick up the journal from BGST library to find out more?


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