Issue No. 08 22 - 28 Feb 2010
3 Reasons Why You Must Attend!

The 2010 BGST Annual Conference (1- 3 July 2010, Thursday-Saturday)

Come 1-3 July 2010, BGST will run its 2nd Annual Conference with the theme “Towards A Marketplace Theology”.

BGST is well known as a seminary for the marketplace. We are very pleased that we have been able to put up this marketplace conference this year.

And we think we have come up with a great conference theme, excellent speakers and unique design for our workshops.

This is a conference for dialogue. We provide the platform. We facilitate. You come and listen and dialogue. And it is not just listening to the speakers, but to exchange views between Christians serving in the church and in the marketplace. Together, we hope to dialogue our way towards a shared marketplace theology.

This Conference is for…

  • Christians serving in the church: pastors, elders, ministry leaders who want to have a framework to understand better the workings of the marketplace, the challenges and issues faced by their members working in the marketplace.

  • Christians serving in the marketplace: Christians in various sectors in the marketplace seeking help and support for the issues and challenges they face in their work as they seek to be effective witnesses for God.

Let us introduce our three key speakers, three good reasons why you must attend this conference. For each is well known in his area of ministry.

Our Keynote Speaker: Dr Carver Yu
Dr Carver YuDr Carver Yu will be our main keynote speaker giving 3 talks over the three mornings. His talks will provide a framework for the Conference participants to dialogue a shared marketplace theology in the Asian Context and will serve as the platform for all our other response speakers and workshops

Dr Carver Yu is the Senior Pastor of Cumberland Church in Hong Kong and President of China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong. As part of his presentation, he will draw from the Hong Kong experience in bringing clergy and laity closer together in mutual constructive dialogue on marketplace theology as it is developed in Hong Kong today.

Two other key speakers will make responses to Dr Yu’s talks from the marketplace and church perspective respectively. They will interact with Dr Yu’s framework from their own work experience in the Singapore context.

Our Response Speaker (Marketplace Perspective): Mr Lim Hua Min
Lim Hua MinMr Lim Hua Min is Executive Chairman of the Phillip Securities Group and the Phillip Capital Group of Companies. He began his career holding senior positions in the Stock Exchange of Singapore ("SES") and the Securities Research Institute. He has served on a number of committees and sub-committees of SES. In 1997, he was appointed Chairman of SES Review Committee, which was responsible for devising a conceptual framework to make Singapore's capital markets more globalised, competitive and robust. For this service, he was awarded the Public Service Medal in 1999 by the Singapore Government. Currently, he serves as a board member in the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

A well-respected Christian corporate business leader and local church lay leader, he will share the laity perspective of the challenges and needs that lay believers face in urgently needing a relevant theology for the marketplace that can guide and undergird their lives and actions in the business world.

Our Response Speaker (Church Perspective): Rev Dr David Wong
Rev Dr David WongRev Dr David Wong served as pastor of a church in Singapore for 17 years, and then 13 years with Haggai Institute, first as Director of Training for training centre in Maui, Hawaii, then as Vice-President, International Training, overseeing the training in both Maui and Singapore. He has been a counsellor and mentor to hundreds of Christian leaders, from more than 150 nations. In 2006, he combined the 30 years of his experience in the pastoral ministry and leadership training to start Finishing Well Ministries, to help leaders move beyond mid-life to a strong finish.

Rev Wong will share the clergy perspective of the challenges and needs that church pastors face today in having to preach, teach and minister to an increasingly globalised fast-paced marketplace today, and their urgent need to know how best to dialogue constructively with their lay leaders to develop and preach a relevant theology for the marketplace that can position the church and its clergy to be at the forefront running alongside their lay believers in the marketplace today.

Fortnightly in BTW, we will be sharing with you about the unique workshops and experienced speakers that we have lined up for this conference.

Sign Up For the Conference Now

You don’t have to wait for the later write-ups to sign up now. To register for the Conference, please download form from http://bgst.edu.sg/conference-2010

Faculty on the move ...

Dr Ng Peh Cheng will also be visiting a theological education institution in Singapore (March 1-3) as a  member of the ATA Visiting Evaluation Team.

News Bits

Calling to all potential graduands!

Our 19th Convocation & Thanksgiving Service will be held on 29th May 2010. If you intend to graduate this year, please kindly submit the Application to Graduate Form before 31th March 2010, even if you have not yet completed all the courses needed to graduate. The form is available online at our website as well as from the Admin office. In order to graduate you need to hand in all your outstanding assignments latest by 30th April 2010.

For any queries, please feel free to contact Dr Aquila Lee (Registrar) at leea@bgst.edu.sg.


Bookshop/Library will be closed on 6th March 2010 (Saturday) for the Work Plan Seminar. BGST will resume operating hours on 8th March (Mon).

Weekly Updates

Bishop Terry Kee, Lutheran Church of Singapore, will be our Chapel Speaker on 3rd March. His topic is, “The Calling of God’s Servant.” Chapel begins at 12pm every Wednesday. You are welcome to join us.

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