Issue No. 09 28 Feb - 6 Mar 2011

Chapel Notes

by Dr Lai Pak Wah

In this week’s chapel, Dr. Lai reflected on the relationships between faith, science and God. All human beings, he observes, take great pride in their works of creativity, whether it is a newly renovated semi-detached house, a child’s artwork, or the hot blueberry muffins that one bakes. The same admiration for one’s artistry also compels one to appreciate the creativity found in the works of other artists, such as Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son. Quite often, our appreciation of an artist’s work takes the form of questions, as though the interpreter is engaged in an intense conversation with the artist himself, such as “What are you trying to express here?” This dialogical nature of art and its appreciation, Dr. Lai suggests, highlights the fact that an artistic work, no matter how excellent it is, is never complete until it brings the artist-author into interpretive dialogue with the admirer-reader.

Such an understanding of art, as Dr Lai points out, is well-expressed by the early Western scientists, when they spoke of God’s Book of Nature. In so doing, they recognized that Nature, like the Holy Scriptures, is another Book of God, one that ever calls all humankind to recognize God’s greatness and glory, and to enter into communion with Him. Indeed, by the incarnation of God, God has proved that all Nature is not merely matter but much more than matter, because Christ has saved all humanity through human flesh or matter. Henceforth, all matter has taken on transcendental dimensions, ever reminding us that God is not only Creator but also Saviour! Practically speaking, what does such an understanding of Nature as divine speech mean for Christians? Essentially, it should remind us to slow down our pace of live and cultivate an attentive heart to the beauty and intricacies of nature. For it is through appreciating the wondrous beauty of the birds soaring in the air, water cascading through the drains or even the complexity of the DNA that one may be brought into a deeper awe and appreciation of our TrIune God. For those interested in the complete sermon, the audio version may be found on http://bgst2.com/lib/mp3/chapel/20110223-lpw.mp3 .

Rev Dr John Yuen, Pastor of Evangel Baptist Church,  will be our chapel speaker on 2 March 2011. He will be speaking on, "The Call to Follow Jesus" (Luke 5:1-11; John 21:1-19).

Our next chapel will be on 9 March 2011. Chapel begins at 12 pm. You are welcome to join us.

Faculty News

On Tuesday evenings during March (8.00 - 10.00 p.m.) Dr Satterthwaite will be teaching on the Book of Isaiah at Barker Road Methodist Church as part of their Trek Through the Bible programme. This Tuesday (1st March) he will be speaking on Isaiah 1-12.

Mr Quek Tze-Ming will preaching at Emmanuel BP Church on 6 Mar at 3.00 pm, and teaching at the Adult Bible Class
at 5.15 pm.

Dr Lai Pak Wah will be teaching young adult workshop “Christian Spirituality in a Technological Age” at Zion Bishan BP Church on 19 Mar 2011 at 12 pm.

The BGST family rejoices with Angelo Tirhas (Dip CS Student) and Dorcas on the birth of their baby son Michael Yue Han on Feb 23. Angelo says: "Praise the Lord all is well and he is healthy and active." Do continue to uphold this family in prayer as they adjust to a new member!.
Students and Alumni News

Calling All BGST Students and Alumni for Inter-College Games Day 2011!

Date: 4th March 2011 (Friday)
Time: From 2pm
Venue: High Point Community Services Association, Address: No. 1, Lorong 23, Geylang. Singapore 388352.
Event: The Inter-College Games Day is an event that is jointly organized by students from various theological colleges in Singapore to encourage interaction among theological students. To date, participating colleges include the Singapore Bible College, Trinity Theological College, East Asia School of Theology, and the Baptist Theological Seminary. BGST is keen to send a team to participate in this year’s event. Please do consider representing the school and spending an afternoon of fun, games, and fellowship at the above event.

Registration Contact: kohmf@bgst.edu.sg (Ms Koh May Fern).


BGST Office & Library will be closed on 16 March 2011 (Wed) for BGST Work Plan Seminar.  We will resume normal operating hours on 17 March.

Book Corner


Run to win the prize

Run to Win the Prize
by Thomas R. Schreiner
IVP 2009

Living the Christian Year

Living the Christian Year
by Bobby Gross
IVP 2010

To read more about these books, please visit: http://bgst.edu.sg/book-corner/promotion.

Course Commencing

Reading Revelation Ethically: the last word on Empire, Economics, Ecology (NT364, 3cr);
Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Apr 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3;
(Tue 7.15-9.45pm)
Venue: Telok Ayer CMC, 235 Telok Ayer Street
Lecturer: Mr Quek Tze-Ming (PhD candidate, Uni of Cambridge)

Interpreting Ezekiel (OT367, 1.5cr);(Group Tutorial)
by Dr Daniel Block / Tutor: Dr Andrew Lee;
Mar 4, 11, 18, 25; (Fri 7.30-9.30pm)
Venue: Prinsep St Presbyterian Church, 77 Prinsep Street

Introduction to Evangelism & World Mission
(ME101, 3cr)
Mar 5 &12 (Sat 10am - 1pm, 2 - 5pm),
Mar 4, 7, 10, 11; 7.15-10.15pm
Venue: Clarus Centre
Lecturer: Dr Tan Kang San [Required for MDiv]

Introduction to Church History II:
Six-Continent Christianities (CH102, 3cr);

Mar 15, 22, 29, Apr 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10, 24;
(Tue 7.15-9.45pm)
Venue: Clarus Centre
Lecturer: Dr Lai Pak Wah

Educational Planning & Management (ECF510, 3cr);

Mar 17, 24, 31, Apr 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19;
(Thu 7.15-9.45pm)
Venue: Zion Bishan BP Church, 4 Bishan St 13
Lecturer: Dr Ng Peh Cheng

*Courses marked with an asterisk are not offered on audit basis.
The course schedule for Semester I, year 2011-2012 is now available. For more information, please visit our website: http://bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events

Tentmakers Equipping 'N' Training

For more information on TENT courses, please visit our website: http://www.bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events/tent

Church-Based Lay Training Modules
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