Issue No. 41 10 - 16 Oct 2011

God Goes To The Office?
Who Really Owns The Business World?

Do you believe that God goes to your workplace too?  There are many Christians who operate on the basis that it is God on Sunday but when Monday comes they enter the secular sphere. The reality is, your work matters to God.  God is interested in all your big and small decisions, as well as the daily mundane details of your work. In this public lecture, Dr Rev Bruce Winter will tackle the fallacy of the ‘two separate kingdoms’ approach as not being what God’s Word teaches. He will then set the stage for further thinking about how we operate in God’s world in God’s way. Will you join us this Saturday night to explore how we can learn to please God in our work?  And it's free! 

Rev Dr Bruce Winter is currently Principal of Queensland Theological College and Director of the Institute for Early Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World at the University of Queensland, Senior Research Fellow at Macquarie University, and Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge.









Rev Dr Bruce Winter




Speaker : Rev Dr Bruce Winter,
               Principal, Queensland Theological College
Date : 15th October 2011, Saturday
Time : 7.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.
Venue : Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church

For more information on BGST Public Lecture, please visit our website:
http://bgst.edu.sg/260-god-goes-to-the-office-1 and for registration please email us at inquiry@bgst.edu.sg

Chapel Summary  

Our chapel speaker on 5 October 2011 was Rev Tan Kay Kiong, Lead Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church (Bukit Panjang Centre).  He shared two foundational points about how we can become a good minister of Jesus Christ from 1 Timothy 4:6-8.  An excerpt of his message is as follows:

“As good ministers of Jesus, first, we must focus on God's Word as the chief premise of the ministry.  We are to be constantly nourished by God's Word because there is no greater premise upon which we are build to our lives.  But sadly, the average Christian leader today does not spend time reading the Word, hence, may not know how to lead others into the word.” 
If we do not keep this basic discipline, Rev Tan warned, we might miss God's divine whisper for us at critical junctures of our lives.  Second, we must discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness.  This certainly does not come easy.  In fact, it is a long-distance marathon training and if we are not watchful, years of building our godliness can be lost in a single act of reckless behaviour.  In the light of this, Rev Tan shared how we can constantly examine our godliness with the acronym: S-O-U-L which stand for "Sins I hide," "Obstacles I fear," "Unchecked emotion I express," and "Lies I believe."

Rev Tan concluded that we must turn our eyes to LOOK FULLY on the Lord so that we can build our lives' foundation and become good ministers of Jesus Christ.

Chapel News

Dr Khoo Hock Seng, Adjunct Lecturer (SMU) will be interviewed at chapel on 19 October 2011, on how his Christian faith relates to his working life. Chapel begins at 12 pm. You are welcome to join us.

Faculty News

Dr Lai Pak Wah will be giving two plenary lectures on the 'Lives of the Reformers' at the Reformation Month Conference organized by Zion Serangoon BP and Zion Bishan BP.  The lectures will be held at Zion Serangoon BP from 3- 6 pm on 15 October 2011.


BGST Library will be closed on Saturday, 15 October 2011 at 5.00pm for The BGST Public Lecture given by Dr Bruce Winter. We will resume normal operating hours on Monday, 17 October 2011. 

Upcoming CBLT Course

A full-day intensive course on The Message of the Song of Songs will be conducted by our Principal, Dr Philip E. Satterthwaite at Yishun Christian Church (Anglican) on 15 Oct.

The course will focus on biblical text, love poetry from other cultures and eras and introduce excerpts from some pieces of music which have been inspired by the theme of human and divine love. The course synopsis can be found on our website under Courses & Events, Coming CBLT Event: http://www.bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events/coming-cblt-event"

To register for the course, please email to May Fern at kohmf@bgst.edu.sg

Courses Commencing in Term 2, 2011-2012


Spiritual Retreat Experience: Nature, Purpose, Dynamics (ECF504, 3cr);
Oct 18, 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 7.15-9.45pm;
Venue: Telok Ayer CMC
Lecturer: Mr John Chong Ser Choon;
Residential Retreat Nov 17-20 (Additional Cost)

The course List for Semester 1 and 2, year 2011-2012 is now available.

For more information, please visit our website: http://bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events

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