Issue No. 04 30 Jan - 5 Feb 2012
Book Corner

Tempted and Tried

Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ
By: Russell D. Moore
Crossway 2011

Students Price: $14.20
Member Price: $16.00

Moore walks readers through the Devil's ancient strategies for temptation revealed in Jesus' wilderness testing. Moore considers how those strategies might appear in a contemporary context and points readers to a way of escape. Tempted and Tried will remind Christians that temptation must be understood in terms of warfare, encouraging them with the truth that victory has already been secured through the triumph of Christ.



colors of hope

The Colors of Hope: Becoming People of Mercy, Justice, and Love
By: Richard Dahlstrom
Baker 2011

Students Price: $14.10
Member Price: $15.90

The Christian life should be guided by the intentional goal of blessing the lives of the friends, loved ones, and strangers in our midst. We are called to impact a culture that, for all the rhetoric about hope, is overwhelmingly preoccupied with personal peace, prosperity, protection, and survival. Christians should be artists who paint with the colors of hope in a broken world, embodying Christ's redemptive presence in our personal lives, our work, and our relationships. This inspiring and practical book offers tools for living out this vision in daily life.


theological turn in youth ministry

The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry
By: Andrew Root, Kenda Creasy Dean
IVP 2011

Students Price: $18.80
Member Price: $21.20

In The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry Andrew Root and Kenda Creasy Dean invite you to envision youth ministries full of practical theologians, addressing the deep questions of life with a wonderfully adolescent mix of idealism, cynicism and prophetic intolerance for hypocrisy. Follow them into reflection on your own practice of theology, and learn how to share that theology through rich, compassionate conversation and purposeful experience.



Dear Students,

With effect from 21 Nov 2011, BGST will implement the following course assignment policies to encourage our students to complete their assignments within the stipulated deadlines.

Essentially, we are (i) granting an ‘amnesty’ of 4.5 months for students to submit all previously uncompleted and overdue assignments, no matter how many years they go back; and (ii) introducing a 1- or 3-month deadline for the submission of all future assignments, with the possibility of one further 3-month extension. In more detail:

First, all students with outstanding assignments from courses taken in the Academic Year (AY) 2010 or earlier (i.e., courses taken before end Jun 2011) will have up to 31 Mar 2012 to submit their assignments. Thereafter, all courses with incomplete assignments will be converted from Credit to Audit status. This conversion, however, will not affect the student’s GPA.

Second, for AY2011 Term 1 and 2 courses (Jul – Dec 2011) that students have just completed, the usual 1 or 3 months deadline for Full Time and Part Time Students respectively will still apply (please refer to your lecturers for the specific course deadlines). If a student is unable to complete his/her assignment on time, a further 3 months deadline extension will be granted automatically. In this case, there will not be a penalty for the specific overdue assignment(s). At the end of this deadline extension, however, no further extensions will be allowed. The status of the incomplete course will be converted from Credit to Audit. This conversion will not affect the student’s GPA.

Third, for courses commencing from AY2011 Term 3 onwards (i.e., Jan 2012 onwards), the 1- and 3- month deadline for Full Time and Part Time Students respectively will still apply. After the first deadline, students will be granted a further 3 months deadline extension automatically. The specific overdue assignment, however, will incur a penalty of a 1/3 of a grade deduction. For example, an overdue essay submitted by the end of the 6th month, will be downgraded from B+ to B. At the end of this deadline extension, no further extensions will be allowed. The status of the incomplete course will be converted from Credit to Audit. This conversion will not affect the student’s GPA.

It should be pointed out that BGST’s policies with regard to submission of assignments are considerably more generous than those of other theological schools in Singapore. We are not introducing these new guidelines out of a desire to put pressure on our students, but because we feel that our lenience in past years may have actually done a disservice to many students, by giving the impression that we are not as concerned as we should be that our students should submit assignments and complete their courses. We want all students to enjoy their studies at BGST; we believe that working at assignments can be one of the most satisfying and useful parts of a student’s education; and by introducing these new policies we want to emphasise how important it is to us that students successfully complete their assignments.

Moreover, should there be unavoidable or unexpected circumstances that may prevent you from completing your assignments on time, you can appeal for a course extension and/or a waiver of the penalty by submitting a ‘Course Extension Form’ and/or a ‘Waiver of Overdue Assignment Penalty Form’ respectively. These forms may be submitted to Ms Lucy Ong at assignments@bgst.edu.sg.

For the submission of assignments and other queries regarding the above policy changes, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Lucy Ong at the email given above.

Philip Satterthwaite,
Principal, BGST

Upcoming Intensive Courses

Dr Burce WinterRev Dr Bruce Winter was Principal of Queensland Theological College, until his recent retirement. He is Director of the Institute for Early Christianity in the Greco-Roman World at the University of Queensland, Senior Research Fellow at Macquarie University, and Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge.

Secular Culture Versus Culture of the Cross: 1st and 21st Century Challenges
Day / Time : Monday-Friday, 7.15-10.15pm
Date : Feb 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Venue : Community for Christ Church, 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-03A Blk A, Clarus Centre Singapore 577177

This course looks at the clash in five major spheres of first-century life for Christians. It examines what it would have been like for first-century Christians to be conformed to the world of their day and then confronted by the demands in Romans 12:2, that they were to be transformed by ethical reprogramming according to the will of God.
For more information on the courses and registration, please visit our website: http://www.bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events/259-secular-culture-vs-culture-of-the-cross

Faculty News
Mr Quek Tze-Ming will be preaching at the 8.30 am and 10.30 am services of Zion Bishan BP Church on 5 February 2012. The topic is "Abraham saves Lot (Genesis 14)".

Dr Andrew Lee will be preaching at the 11.30 am services of Grace (SCC) Church on 5 February 2012 on Psalm 73.

Chapel News
Dr Andrew Lee will be a chapel speaker on 1 February 2012. There will be time of prayer on 8 February 2012. Chapel begins at 12 pm. You are welcome to join us.

babyWe want to send our congratulations to Daniel Teo (MDiv,2010) and Dani Kristyawati, on the safe arrival of their newborn son Caleb on 30 Jan 2012.

May God's blessings be upon the whole family!

Biblical Graduate School of Theology
2012 Public Lecture & Course
by Dr Daniel Block

Dr Daniel BlockWe welcome Dr Daniel Block who will be in Singapore from March 10-16. He has taught a course on the book of Ezekiel in 2009 so it is a privilege to have him back at BGST.

Dr Block is the Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament at the Graduate School of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. U.S.A.

Public Lecture
Date: March 12, 2012
Time: 7.15 – 8.15 pm
Topic: “Will the Real Moses Please Rise? An Exploration into the Role and Ministry of Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy”
Venue: 37 Jalan Pemimpin #06-05 Blk B, Clarus Centre. Singapore 577177

Admission is free
To register: registration@bgst.edu.sg

Date: 12 - 16 March 2012 (Monday - Friday)
Time: 7.14 - 10.15 pm

Title: The Gospel According to Moses: A study of Deuteronomy (OT 351, 1.5 credits)
Venue: 37 Jalan Pemimpin #06-05 Blk B, Clarus Centre. Singapore 577177

for details, registration & group discount, please visit our website: http://bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events/263-the-gospel-according-to-moses

Note: *Those who register for the course should attend the public lecture which is the first part of the class session on March 12.

Courses Commencing in Terms 3, 2011-2012


New Testament Foundations II (NT102, 3cr)
Date: Mar 2, 9, 23, 30, Apr 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18 (Fri, 7.15-10.15pm )
Venue: Clarus Centre
Lecturer: Dr Oh Boon Leong


The Gospel According to Moses: A Study of Deuteronomy (OT 351, 1.5cr)
Date: Mar 12, 13, 14, 15, 16; (7.15 – 10.15pm)
Venue: Clarus Centre
Overseas Guest Lecturer: Dr Daniel Block

Knowing Christ through Psalms (OT216, 1.5cr)
Date: Feb 17, 24, Mar 2, 9, 23, 30;
(Fri, 7.15-9.50pm)
Venue: Prinsep St Presbyterian Church
Lecturer: Dr Andrew Lee

Ezekiel (OT367, 1.5cr); (Group Tutorial)
by Dr Daniel Block/Tutor: Dr Andrew Lee
Date: Apr 13, 20, 27, May 4; (Fri, 7.15-9.15pm)
Venue: Prinsep St Presbyterian Church

New Testament
Secular Culture Versus Culture of the Cross: 1st and 21st Century Challenges (NT110, 1.5cr)
Date: Feb 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; (7.15-10.15pm)
Venue: Community for Christ Church
(Block A Clarus Centre)

Overseas Guest Lecturer: Rev Dr Bruce Winter


Field Education (AT325, 3cr each)
Date: Feb 4 (orientation); (Sat 2.00-2.30pm)
Venue: Clarus Centre
Lecturer: Dr Quek Swee Hwa


Vocation, Work & Ministry (MM101, 3cr)
(Group Tutorial) by Prof. Paul Stevens/ Tutor: Dr Clive Lim
Date: Feb 1,15, 29, Mar 7; (Wed, 7.15-10.15pm)
Venue: Clarus Centre


Human Development & Spiritual Formation (ECF 501, 3cr)
Date: Feb 22, 29, Mar 7, 21, 28, Apr 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2; (Wed, 7.15-10.15pm)
Venue: Clarus Centre
Lecturer: Dr Ng Peh Cheng & Mr John Chong Ser Choon


Theological Foundations II (TS212, 3cr)
[Prerequisite- TS101]
Date: Feb16, 23, Mar 1, 8, 22, 29, Apr 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10; (Thu, 7.15-9.50pm)
Venue: Clarus Centre
Lecturer: Dr Edwin Tay

Christian Ethics (TS252, 3cr); (Group Tutorial)
by Dr Douglas Milne
Details: TBA

* Courses marked with an asterisk are not offered on audit basis.

The course schedule for Semester 2, year 2011-2012 is now available.

For more information, please visit our website: http://bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events

37 Jalan Pemimpin, #06-05 Block B, Clarus Centre, S(577177).
Tel: 6227-6815 Fax: 6255-3686 Email: inquiry@bgst.edu.sg
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