Issue No. 13 2 - 8 Apr 2012
Announcement: Increase in BGST Course Fees
With effect from July 1st 2012, BGST will be raising its course fees from $125 per credit to $150 per credit. The new fees will be:
  • 1.5-credit course: $225 (for credit) $157.50 (by audit)
  • 3-credit course: $450.00 (for credit) $315.00 (by audit)

This new rate will apply to all courses offered in the academic year 2012-2013. There will be no ‘early bird’ discount.

The reasons for the increase are as follows:

  1. At present income from course fees covers less than 20% of BGST’s running costs. That is, more than 80% of the present cost of our students’ education is in effect subsidized by being supplied from other sources, mainly donations. One way to rectify this situation is of course by raising enrolment, and we will continue to pursue steps to that end; but it is also necessary periodically to raise course fees in line with BGST’s running costs. In general theological education in Singapore is very cheap when compared that offered in universities and theological colleges in Europe and North America.

  2. We offer a flexible theological education. All our courses are scheduled either in the evenings or at weekends, to cater for the majority of our students, who study part-time, usually because they work during the day. Students can complete our programmes at their own pace, and do not have to take a fixed number of courses per year, as in most theological schools. But this flexibility means that we cannot rely on a fixed cadre of students for each of our courses, which in turn means that some of our courses (especially required courses, which we have to run periodically) have rather low numbers, and bring in correspondingly low revenue.

  3. Because most of our students take only a few (2–3) courses a year, usually 6–9 credits’ worth, the increase will only cost them between $150 and $225 a year extra. We believe that most of our students are well able to bear this increase.

  4. BGST does, however, have funds available to support programme students who find difficulty in paying their course fees. These funds are open to any student registered for a BGST programme (DipCS, MCS, MDiv) who has completed at least two courses at BGST (with grades). Any student who requires such assistance should write to the Provost, Mr Steven Lee, giving: (1) names and dates of courses for which they require assistance; (2) a brief statement of their financial situation. Financial assistance is given at the discretion of the Provost. Terms and conditions apply This assistance will be available for all courses beginning July 2012 or later.

We would rather it were not necessary to raise fees. Rest assured, we have not taken this step hastily or without serious consideration and prayer. We hope for your kind understanding.

Yours in Christ,

Philip Satterthwaite
(Principal, BGST)

Chapel in the City

BGST Chapel in the City @ Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church
Every 5th Wednesday in the month
12 noon to 1 pm

Chapel in the city
Chapel News
There will be time of prayer on 11 April 2012. Chapel begins at 12 pm. You are welcome to join us.
Preliminary Course List for 2012-2013

For more information on the Preliminary Course List, please visit our website:

Upcoming Public Lecture & Intensive Courses

Book Corner

10 great ideas10 Great Ideas from Church History
Mark Shaw (IVP)

Normal price: $23.75 | Special Price $17.80

This book offers ideas that have stood the test of time--ideas from the most significant Christian leaders of the last five hundred years eg. Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, William Carey, John Wesley, Richard Baxter, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and more.

Your church can implement key strategies from the lives and writings of the reformers:
 Gain a vision for truth.
 Renew your quest for holiness.
 See how delighting in God will inspire your worship.
 Bring renewal with a biblical model of revival.
 Build leaders with a time-tested plan for discipleship.
 Energize your vision for missions.

Grow together with key principles of Christian community.

reading Scripture with the ReformersReading Scripture with the Reformers
Timothy George (IVP)

Normal price: $20.95 | Special Price: $15.70

This book shows how the key figures of the Reformation read and interpreted Scripture, and how their thought was shaped by what they read. We are invited to see what the church today can learn from the fathers of the Reformation, and how these figures offer a model of reading, praying and living out the Scriptures.

Faculty News
Dr Lai Pak Wah will be speaking at the 8.00pm service of Mount Carmel BP Church on Maundy Thursday Sermon, 5 April 2012.

Dr Philip Satterthwaite will be preaching at the 11.30am service of Grace SCC Church on Easter Sunday, 8 April 2012. The topic is " It is now ‘From Disappointment to hope’.”

Dr Edwin Tay will be preaching at the 830am service of Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church on Easter Sunday, 8 April 2012. The topic is “Seeing and Believing” (John 20:1-18).


BGST office and Library will be closed on 6 April (Friday) which is Good Friday. We will resume operations on Saturday 7 April 2012 for Library and Monday 9 April 2012 for BGST office.

BGST Library and Book Corner will be closed on Sat, 14 April for Council and Staff Get-together. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Courses Commencing in Term 4, 2011-2012

Old Testament

Ezekiel (OT367, 1.5cr);(Group Tutorial)
by Dr Daniel Block / Tutor: Dr Andrew Lee
Apr 13, 20, 27, May 4; (Fri, 7.15-9.15pm)
Venue: BGST Clarus Centre


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