Issue No. 29 23 – 29 July 2012
Upcoming Course - God 24/7: Discerning, Experiencing & Reflecting God in Every Aspect of Life (AT288/MM263, 3 cr)
Day/Time : Sat (9am-4pm), Mon - Tues, Thurs (7.15-10.15 pm)
Dates : 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 September, 2012
Venue : BGST, Clarus Centre,
37 Jalan Pemimpin, #06-05, Block B, Singapore 577177
Fee : $450 (Credit); $315 (Audit)

Dr Robert Banks Robert Banks, B.A., University of Sydney; Th.L. (Hons), Australian College of Theology; B.D. (Hons), M.Th., University of London; Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Robert was previously Research Fellow, History of Ideas, Australian National University, Canberra; Professor of the Ministry of the Laity and Director of the De Pree Leadership Centre, Fuller Theological Seminary, Los Angeles; Director & Dean, Macquarie Christian Studies Institute; Macquarie University, Sydney and is currently an Associate of the Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience there.
His award-winning writings cover a wide field, with a special interest in the relationship between the bible and community, faith and work, apologetics and lifestyle, theology and film, spirituality and everyday life. Over the years he has worked closely with people in business, the professions, education and film industry. In recent years he has spoken to groups coming from workplace, para-church and pastorals settings in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

This unit will explore the integral connection between a biblically based spirituality and everyday life. It will examine a range of contexts such as the home, workplace, and neighbourhood, activities such as eating, travel and recreation, and relationships such as marriage and friendships, as well as the typical ups and downs, challenges and opportunities of life. The aim is to discover the presence and purposes of God in all these areas.

Completing this course will help participants to:

  1. identify models of spirituality that embrace the contexts, activities, and relationships of daily life;
  2. engage with resources of the Christian tradition and bring these to bear upon the challenges of contemporary life;
  3. Interact with these issues in such a way that your own spirituality is enriched and more fully integrated with your daily life
Faculty News
Dr Philip is teaching on the Song of Songs at BRMC on Tuesday evenings (10, 17, 24, 31 July) as part of their TrekBible programme. Also, He is holding a workshop on 'Preaching OT Narrative' at the Living Word conference at St James Anglican church on 19th and 20th July.
Special offer from BGST Book Corner

ministry by the bookMinistry by the Book : New Testament patterns for pastoral leadership By Derek Tidball
Normal Price: $38.80
Special price: 25% discount

The New Testament writers set before us a number of models of ministry, each of which is shaped by the particular needs of the churches they were serving. Their own backgrounds, ambitions and passions also contribute to what they have to say about ministry. The contours of New Testament pastoral leadership, inspired by the Holy Spirit, exhibit a genuine diversity that finds its unity in Christ and his gospel.

Derek Tidball provides a comprehensive survey of these models and patterns. The survey offers 'models of permission' that enable a freer approach to ministry and the way it is conducted, challenges the stunted understanding of ministry that can often characterize our churches today, and gives encouragement to those who do not fit a 'ministry by numbers' approach.
Well-grounded in the relevant scholarship, Tidball's fresh engagement with the biblical texts, stimulating analysis and wise application will be of value to all who are established in pastoral leadership, or training for it.

clouds of witnessesClouds of Witnesses : Christian Voices from Africa and Asia By Mark A. Noll and Carolyn Nystrom
Normal Price: $31.55
Special Price: 25% discount

Inseventeen inspiring narratives Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom introduce pivotal Christian leaders in Africa and Asia who had tenacious faith in the midst ofdeprivation, suffering and conflict. Spanning a century, from the 1880s to the 1980s, their stories demonstrate the vitality of the Christian faith in a diversity of contexts.

new shape of world christianityThis kaleidoscopic witness to the power of the gospel will both inspire and educate. Whether for a class in global Christianity or for a personal journey to other times and places of faith, Clouds of Witnesses is a book that tugs at our curiosity and resists being laid down. An engaging traveling companion to Mark Noll's award-winning book The New Shape of World Christianity (also available at BGST).

Special pack: New Shape of World Christianity (Normal Price: $33.40) + Clouds of Witnesses – 30% discount while stocks last


key quesitons about biblical interpretationKey Questions about Biblical Interpretation: Old Testament Answers By John Goldingay
Normal Price: $32.70
Special Price: 15% discount

Old Testament theologian John Goldingay is often asked about the interpretation of the Bible, about the way we are to understand the stories in the Bible, about the relationship between the Old Testament and the New, and so on. In this volume he explores twenty-three questions related to biblical interpretation, articulating creative, provocative explanations for today's church. The book is divided into four parts: concerning Scripture as a whole; concerning narrative; concerning the Old Testament as a whole; and concerning the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings. Students of the Old Testament, pastors, and laypeople will value this work.

key questions about christian faithKey Questions about Christian Faith: Old Testament Answers By John Goldingay
Normal Price: $31.55
Special Price: 15% discount

John Goldingay explores what the Old Testament has to say about twenty-five important questions of the Christian faith, drawing practical, sensible applications for today's church. He writes in an engaging, conversational style and seeks biblical alternatives to the often polarized positions of Christian debates. Old Testament professors and students, pastors, and educated lay readers will appreciate Goldingay's passion for his subject.
Special Prices valid from: 23 July—8 Aug 2012 (while stocks last)

Other Course Commencing in July, 2012
Old Testament Foundations I (OT101, 3 cr);
Jul 26; Aug 2, 16, 23, 30; Sept 27; Oct 4, 11, 18, 25; Nov 1, 8; (Thu, 7.15–9.45 pm)
Lecturer: Dr Andrew Lee
Venue: BGST Clarus Centre (New change of venue)
For more information on our courses please visit our website: http://bgst.edu.sg/courses-and-events
Faculty News
Dr Lai Pak Wah will be preaching at 8.00am and 9.45am services at the Foochow Methodist Church on 29 July. His subject will be ‘Preaching Christ in a Multi-Cultural Context’. He will also be preaching at the 12.15pm Chinese service at Mount Carmel Church on 29 July.
Chapel News
There will be time of prayer on 25 July 2012. Chapel begins at 12 pm. You are welcome to join us.
Course Schedule for 2012-2013 Semester 1
For more information on the Course Schedule, please visit our website: http://www.bgst.edu.sg/media/files/courses/2012-2013-sem1.pdf:

Course Schedule

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