Issue No. 34 27 Aug - 2 Sep 2012
God 24/7

Public LectureLast Thursday (August 23rd), at Faith Methodist Church, we were privileged to hear Dr Robert Banks, of the Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience at Macquarie University, Sydney deliver a BGST Public Lecture on the topic, ‘Looking for God in the Wrong Places… Finding the Glory in the Ordinary’.

In his talk Dr Banks reflected on how we tend to put God ‘in a box’: we only expect to find God in certain settings, or when we are in certain moods; the images we use to describe God, unlike those used by biblical writers, are often not taken from our daily life, or only reflect some aspects of our daily experience. The effect of this is that we tend mentally to exclude God from large areas of our lives, even though we acknowledge in principle that God is Lord of all Creation. Dr Banks encouraged us to ‘find the Glory in the ordinary’, to go through life ‘with our eyes wide open’, looking for indications of God at work in all the events of our lives and expecting to find God communicating truth about himself through those events.

This talk was partly intended as an ‘appetizer’ for the course that Dr Banks will be teaching for two weeks starting this Saturday (Sep 1st): ‘God 24/7: Discerning, Experiencing and Reflecting God in Every Aspect of Life’.

To quote from the course description, this course ‘will explore the integral connection between a biblically based spirituality and everyday life. It will examine a range of contexts such as the home, workplace, and neighbourhood, activities such as eating, travel and recreation, and relationships such as marriage and friendships, as well as the typical ups and downs, challenges and opportunities of life. This will take place with a view to discovering the presence and purposes of God in all these areas.’

I am sure that, as you read those words, you recognize the importance of the issues that this course will address. We would all acknowledge the truth of the phrase that says ‘If he’s not Lord of all, he’s not Lord at all’. But maybe there are large areas of our life where (for whatever reason) we have not asked the question, ‘What would it mean for Jesus to be Lord here?’ If this is a concern for you (as it is for me), I urge you to join me in taking this course: it may radically alter the way you look at your discipleship. As a final incentive, what other BGST course contains among its requirements a field trip to Orchard Road?

Philip Satterthwaite
Principal, BGST.

Upcoming Course —
God 24/7: Discerning, Experiencing & Reflecting God in Every Aspect of Life(AT288/MM263, 3 cr)
God 24/7
Upcoming Course —
The First Urban Churches: Paul’s Vision of Commu-nity, Mission & Leadership (NT365, 1.5 credits)
the first urban churches
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