In recognition of the growing interest among churches and laity for theological training that is flexible and of a shorter duration, BGST is offering two Certificate programmes:

– Certificate in Biblical Studies (CBS) and

– Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS)

Each certificate is a 12-credit programme aimed at providing students with a foundational understanding of either biblical or theological studies.

Churches may collaborate with BGST to offer these certificates as part of their education initiatives.

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In October 2018, we launched a new Vision and Mission. To align our programmes with these, we have revised our Certificate programmes. The changes are in effect from January 1, 2019, onwards.

If you are not enrolled in a Certificate programme, but would like to continue on the old track, you must register for a certificate by December 31, 2019 by contacting, naming the Certificate programme you would like to enroll in and then paying the $50 application fee. If you are currently enrolled in one of our Certificate programmes and wish to continue on the old track, no action is needed. If you are currently enrolled in one of the BGST Certificate programmes and wish to opt into the new requirements, you must notify us by no later than Dec 31, 2019 by emailing Lynn at


Each certificate can be completed at a full-time (6 months) or part-time basis (max 2 years).

Required Courses:

  1. Old Testament Foundations I (OT101)
  2. New Testament Foundations I (NT101) or
    New Testament Foundations II (NT102)
  3. Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics (HE101)
  4. Christian Spirituality I AND II (CS101 AND CS102*) OR
    Vocation, Work And Ministry I AND II (MM101A AND MM101B)

Required Courses:

  1. The Christian Faith (TS101)
  2. History of Christianity I (CH101) or
    History of Christianity II (CH102)
  3. Christian Spirituality I: Foundations for Everyday Life (CS101) AND Christian Spirituality II: Practices for Discernment and Discipleship (CS102)* OR Vocation, Work And Ministry I: What God Thinks of Our Daily Work and our Ministry in Church (MM101A) AND Vocation, Work And Ministry II: How Do I Discern What God has Called Me To Do? (MM101B)
  4. Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics (HE101)


Credits earned from these certificates are entirely transferable to our postgraduate programmes. Upon successful completion of both certificates, students would require only another 6 credits to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies.

Students who have audited all four courses prescribed in either the CBS or CTS will be awarded a Certificate of Participation (COP). This is subject to them fulfilling a 75% attendance record for each of the four courses.

CS102 is a mentoring program therefore the fee is different. The fee is S$450.

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