ME102-SPLThe Church’s Mission In Asia: Contemporary Challenges & Issues

ME102-SPL : The Church’s Mission In Asia: Contemporary Challenges & Issues (3 Credit)
Academic Year : all year round
About this course

The future of Christianity, as many recognise, is in the ‘Global South’, that is, South America, Africa and Asia. While the Church is growing rapidly in Asia, it has also come up against unique challenges in this region, such as the task of contextualising the Gospel in the diverse Asian cultures and dialoguing with some of the major religions in the world, e.g., Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Daoism. The aim of this course is to consider the mission of the Church in these pluralistic contexts, identify the theological themes relevant to the Church’s cultural and religious engagements in Asia and evaluating how the Church can better support missionary endeavours here. The course will adopt a case study approach to learning, with due attention given to the tools needed to analyse complex mission issues and how one may design appropriate leadership training for local churches.

Lecturer : Kwa Kiem Kiok
Registrar; Lecturer in Missiology and Integrative Studies
Course Timing:
Subscription to BGST Access Membership (BAM) Advanced is compulsory for credit students. Access to good library resources (like DTL) is critical for postgraduate academic research.
Course Type: Self-Paced Learning (3 Credits)
Semester: All Year Round
Credits: 3 Credit
Max class size: 10

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