CS101-SPLCS101 Christian Spirituality I: Foundations for Everyday Life

CS101-SPL : CS101 Christian Spirituality I: Foundations for Everyday Life (1.5 Credit)
Academic Year : all year round online
About this course

This course introduces important theological themes and provides a historical overview of the Christian spiritual tradition. As the title suggests, it is the Trinitarian and incarnational touchstones that give Christian spirituality its authentically Christian character. From this biblical and creedal basis, we will read, understand, and engage with the spiritual practices found in the various Christian traditions.

Lecturer : Tan Seng Kong
Head, Educational Resources and Spiritual Formation; Lecturer in Systematic and Spiritual Theology
Course Timing:
Subscription to BGST Access Membership (BAM) Advanced is compulsory for credit students. Access to good library resources (like DTL) is critical for postgraduate academic research.
Course Type: Self-Paced Learning (1.5 Credits)
Semester: All Year Round
Credits: 1.5 Credit
Max class size: -

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