CH102-SPLThe History of Christianity II

CH102-SPL : The History of Christianity II (3 Credit)
Academic Year : all year round
About this course

History of Christianity II is intended as the second of a two course survey (3 credits each) of the history of Christianity over the last 2,000 years. 

In CH102, students will be introduced to the important theological, historical and spiritual movements from 1500-2001.  Our journey begins in Europe with the advent of the Protestant Reformation, which will permanently change the face of religion in the Continent and, subsequently, the whole world.  This is followed by an analysis of the developments that follow this Reformation: the rise of American & English Protestantism and spirituality, the growth of the evangelical movement, especially in America, and the Catholic Counter Reformation.  Attention will also be given to the Enlightenment period, which would significantly influence and also challenge the claims of the Christian faith.  Following these, we will turn our attention to the development of Christianity worldwide, with a focus on Christianity in China, in particular, and Asia in general. 

Lecturer : Lai Pak Wah
Principal; Lecturer in Church History & Historical Theology
Venue: Moodle , BGST website
Course Timing:
Subscription to BGST Access Membership (BAM) Advanced is compulsory for credit students. Access to good library resources (like DTL) is critical for postgraduate academic research.
Course Type: Self-Paced Learning (3 Credits)
Semester: All Year Round
Credits: 3 Credit
Max class size: 10

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