ID363The Faithful Scientist: Explorations in Christianity and Science

ID363 : The Faithful Scientist: Explorations in Christianity and Science (1.5 Credit)
Academic Year : 2020-2021, Semester 1
About this course

The subject of the relationship of science to the Christian faith is a critical matter for our time. New Atheism has put many Western churches into a defensive position as science is used to attack biblical faith.  Yet, many areas of scientific research are opening doors to more constructive conversation – even to the extent where science is raising questions it cannot answer by itself. This is an issue that Christians must consider carefully.

As such, in this course, we will undertake a careful examination of the relationship between science and the Christian faith. The course will examine the (1) historical and philosophical roots of science, (2) models of the relationship between science and faith, (3) the ethical dimensions of science from a religious perspective, (4) questions of human origins, (5) the limits of technological utopianism, and, importantly, (6) scientists as disciples and disciple-makers.    

About the Lecturers

This course will be taught by a host of instructors, including three prominent scientists from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, namely:

Prof. Robert White FRS  Read Full Bio

Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS Read Full Bio

Prof. Ard Louis  Read Full Bio

These speakers will be complemented by some lectures by BGST faculty. The tutor for the course will be Mr Quek Tze Ming, Director (Postgraduate Programmes), BGST.

Lecturer : Robert White, Russell Cowburn, Ard Louis
Prof. Robert White FRS is Professor of Geophysics, University of Cambridge  and Director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion | Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS is Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Cambridge | Prof. Ard Louis is  Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
Venue: Zoom Classroom , own study place
Course Timing:
10 August (7.30–9.30 pm)
11 August (7.30–9.30 pm)
12 August (7.30–9.30 pm)
15 August (4.00–6.00 pm & 7.30-9.30 pm)
Course Type: 1.5 Credit Only
Semester: Semester 1
Credits: 1.5 Credit
Max class size: 100

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