CS101Christian Spirituality I: Foundations for Everyday Life

CS101 : Christian Spirituality I: Foundations for Everyday Life (1.5 Credit)
Academic Year : 2021
About this course

This course introduces important theological themes and provides a historical overview of the Christian spiritual tradition. As the title suggests, it is the Trinitarian and incarnational touchstones that give Christian spirituality its authentically Christian character. From this biblical and creedal basis, we will read, understand, and engage with the spiritual practices found in the various Christian traditions. 

Emphasis is given to Ignatian spirituality, as this serves as a preparatory framework to the spiritual practicum component in CS102.   The trajectory of the course is for participants to draw appropriate spiritual disciples from the deep well of the Christian history that resonate with their own temperament, vocation, and season in life.  It is hoped that this course will provide the resources for a deepening of self-knowledge and spirituality for everyday life.

The course aims to be both academic and practical. Besides live and recorded lectures, students engage with readings, group discussion, as well as individual reflections throughout the course. There will be in-depth discussions dealing with how we can grow deeper in our spiritual life in a busy world, e.g., finding the rhythm between work and rest, cultivating the spiritual disciplines to keep one's spiritual life vibrant.

Lecturer : Tan Seng Kong
Venue: Zoom Classroom , own study place
Course Timing:

July 10, 24      

Aug 7

Sept 4, 11


(9:30am – 11:45am)
Course Type: Regular Live (1.5 Cr)
Semester: S1
Credits: 1.5 Credit
Max class size: 30

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