OT3621 & 2 Chronicles: Old Traditions for a New Situation

OT362 : 1 & 2 Chronicles: Old Traditions for a New Situation (1.5 Credit)
Academic Year : 2021
About this course

Relatively few Christians study 1 & 2 Chronicles in detail these days. If you dip into these two books you can easily see why this is so: nine chapters of genealogies to begin with; various other lists of names (mainly temple personnel and officials, mainly people otherwise unknown) scattered throughout the chapters which follow; and a narrative that, though it mostly runs parallel to the Books of Samuel and Kings, seems to omit most of the incidents which make Samuel and Kings so lively and challenging. What has happened to the narratives of Saul and David? Where have Elijah and Elisha gone? We may be tempted to ask: why were the books of Chronicles ever written, never mind included within Scripture? This course will take students through 1 & 2 Chronicles, showing that many features of these books can be explained when one realises that they are a retelling of pre-exilic Israelite history designed to address the situation of Israelites living in the post-exilic era. Above all, we will explore the question: what is the distinctive vision of the Books of Chronicles, and how may we apply it to our situation?

Lecturer : Philip Satterthwaite
Emeritus Principal; Lecturer in Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew & Hermeneutics
Venue: Zoom Classroom , own study place
Course Timing:

Dates (2021)

Oct 5, 19,

Nov 2, 16, 30

(7:15pm –10:00pm)

Course Type: Live (1.5 Credits)
Semester: S1
Credits: 1.5 Credit
Max class size: 20

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