MM104Christians in a Disruptive and Digital World

MM104 : Christians in a Disruptive and Digital World (3 Credit)
Academic Year : 2022
About this course

Disruptions have been a key concern for business leaders in the last two decades, as noted in Clayton Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma (1997). Since then, we have seen not only traditional businesses disrupted but also the pace of disruption accelerating due to the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). As the recent COVID19 pandemic has shown, the Church is also not immune to disruptions. Christian leaders now find themselves grappling with how to disciple Christians in a rapidly changing world, up against challenges as wide ranging as the stress of remote work, economic recessions, shifts in geopolitics and economic structures, and the unfamiliarity of ministering in a digital world.

The aim of this course is to survey the above challenges and to introduce the theological, spiritual, and interdisciplinary resources that can enable the Church to disciple Christians and to further God’s kingdom in this new normal. Students will also have opportunities to dialogue with industry experts and practitioners on the challenges of digital disruptions and consolidate their learning through a group project.

Lecturer : Tan Seng Kong
Venue: To be Advised , To be Advised
Course Timing:

Dates (2022)
Feb 15
Mar 1, 15, 29
April 12, 23 (Sat AM)
May 10, 24 (3 CR only)

April 23 (Sat 9.30am-12.30pm)

Closing Date for Registration:  Feb 11 2022
(NB. BGST reserves the right not to accept any registration after this date)

Subscription to BGST Access Membership (BAM) Advanced is compulsory for credit students. Access to good library resources (like DTL) is critical for postgraduate academic research.

Course Type: Regular Live (3 Cr)
Semester: S2
Credits: 3 Credit
Max class size: 30

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