MM/CS226Spiritual Adulting: Engaging Gen Y

MM/CS226 : Spiritual Adulting: Engaging Gen Y (1.5 Credit)
Academic Year : 2019-2020
About this course

The last few decades has seen the rise of new generational demographic, the emerging adults, or young adults. The task for this generation, transiting between youth and adulthood is a critical one.

 . . . the years between eighteen and twenty-five are a time for settling of one’s convictions about meaning and morality: Why do I get up I the morning? What do I do after I get up in the morning? One then settles into life with those convictions as the shaping presuppositions and principles of one’s entire life. (Steven Garber)

The challenge comes because we need to do this at a time of rapid cultural change. The generation of young adults today is the first that has grown up shaped by the internet and by globalisation while many in church leadership are from an earlier era. This has resulted in many churches struggling in their ministry to the emerging generation. Indeed many churches are losing their young adults. Here is one set of statistics from the American context:

The ages eighteen to twenty-nine are the black hole of church attendance; this age segment is "missing in action" from most congregations . . . Overall, there is a 43 percent drop-off between the teen and early adult years in terms of church engagement. These numbers represent about eight million twentysomethings who were active churchgoers as teenagers but who will no longer be particularly engaged in a church by their thirtieth birthday. (David Kinnaman)

The call to make disciples of all nations, and that means all generations, remain the same. This course will grapple with this question:

What can we do in this generation to empower and equip emerging young adults to reach their God-designed potential for spiritual transformation?(Richard R. Dunn and Jana L. Sundene)

Many churches are losing their young adults. What is at stake is not just stemming the bleeding of young adults from our churches. What is at stake is how do we faithfully pass the faith on to future
Lecturer : Tan Soo-Inn
Rev Dr Tan Soo-Inn is the director of Graceworks, a ministry committed to promoting spiritual friendship in church and society. He has a BDS from the University of Singapore, a ThM (NT) from Regent College, and a DMin from Fuller seminary. He has served as the lead pastor of two churches and as the executive leader of a major para-church ministry. His passions include connecting the Word of God to the struggles of daily life, and the mentoring of emerging leaders. He wants to do fresh thinking on the meaning of discipleship and what it means for the 21st century.
Venue: ACK Centre , 2 Kallang Avenue, #10-26 CT Hub Singapore 339407
Course Timing:

Dates (2019)
Jul 3, 10, 17, 31  
Aug 7, 14
(7:15pm – 10:00pm)

Course Type: Regular Live (1.5 Cr)
Semester: Semester 1
Credits: 1.5 Credit
Max class size: 40

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