ID211Asian Religions in the Contemporary Age

ID211 : Asian Religions in the Contemporary Age (3 Credit)
Academic Year : 2020-2021
About this course

Christian engagements with people of other faiths flow from our theological convictions. “No task in missiology is more controversial and crucial than encountering world religions” (Gerhad Anderson). Despite living in multi-religious societies, many Asian Christians have superficial knowledge of the beliefs of their neighbours. This
course offers an introduction to Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism as well as theological analyses of interfaith issues in Asian contexts.

The course begins with the method of academic study of religion, followed by the study of selected religious texts, case study, videos and group discussions from a Christian perspective. Throughout the course, practical implications on gospel and culture, evangelism and inter- religious conversations, and the mission of the local church in a contemporary plural society will be explored. The course will be suitable for church and mission leaders interested in planning better engagements with non-Christian communities in Asia.

Lecturer : Ng Seng Chuan
Rev Ng Seng Chuan did his theological training at Trinity Theological College (BD, 1977), as well as at Regent College (MCS, 1983). In 2006, he felt prompted to begin a serious study of the Buddhist religion. He took classes at a Buddhist temple, the Mangala Vihara, and subsequently gained the diploma (2007), BA (2010) and MA (2011) degrees from the Buddhist & Pali University of Sri Lanka.
Venue: To be Advised , To be Advised
Course Timing:

Dates (2019)

July 6, 20
August 3, 17, 31
September 14, 28

(7:15pm – 10:00pm)

Course Type: Blended Learning (3 Cr)
Semester: Semester 1
Credits: 3 Credit
Max class size: 40

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