CH101History of Christianity

CH101 : History of Christianity (3 Credit)
Academic Year : 2020-21, Semester 1
About this course

The History of Christianity I is the first of a two course survey (3 credits each) on the history of Christianity over the last 2,000 years.

The course aims to identify the significant historical movements in the first 1,500 years of church history and consider their influence and relevance for contemporary Christians, especially those living in Asia. We begin with the theological, historical and spiritual developments in, what John Calvin calls the ‘Golden Age of the Church’, that is, the age of the church fathers (2nd to 5th centuries).

Lecturer : Lai Pak Wah
Venue: Zoom Classroom , own study place
Course Timing:

Dates (2020) 

July 17
August 7, 21
September 4, 18
October 16, 30

(7:15pm – 10:00pm)

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