TS253-OLEthical Issues in Asia

TS253-OL : Ethical Issues in Asia (1.5 Credit)
Academic Year : all year round
About this course

Christian ethics is about the ethical issues and dilemmas that arise in the course of living the Christian life in the modern world. These issues and dilemmas have largely resulted from the rapid and far-reaching changes that have been taking place across the world caused by movements like globalization and the rapid development of powerful technologies. Several of these issues and dilemmas are new to the 20th and 21st centuries.

These social and cultural changes in the modern world raise fundamental questions about the meaning and nature of human beings, what sort of behaviour is appropriate for us, what values we should hold, and the kind of society we should plan for the future. Because of our belief in the Bible as the living Word of God that provides moral wisdom and power for living in God’s world, we can have confidence about finding guidelines and answers to our modern dilemmas.

This course focuses on the biblical and theological foundations for Christian moral thought and action, and the task of applying Christian ethical judgments to global, ecclesial, and personal issues. Special emphasis is given to issues related to political authority and civil disobedience, violence, peacemaking and war, and marriage, family and sexuality.

Lecturer : Kwa Kiem Kiok
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