BGST’s vision is that “All Christians grow in Christlikeness and live out their calling to fulfil God’s creative and redemptive purposes in the church and the marketplace.”

One way we seek to fulfil this vision is to equip emerging leaders theologically and holistically, in order to lead their teams or congregations well.

BGST’s ENGAGE is where Christians engage with theology at work, church, and society, with the above in mind. It offers certificate programmes, courses, and events with an integrative approach to life-long learning.

The ENGAGE Certificate Programmes’ curriculum and assignments are problem-focused and application-based. The 3 leadership programmes we run are:



You can register for any ENGAGE Certificate Programmes, its modules, or events here: https://www.theologyforlife.sg/collections/engagecerts 


The learning distinctives of the ENGAGE Certificate Programmes are:

1. Sacred-secular insights are integrated into the study with emphasis on:
  • Self-understanding using psychometric tools, and
  • Developing practical problem-solving toolkits to address everyday ministry concerns.

2. Learning is a combination of Live (in person | online) classes, and Self-paced Learning (SPL).


  • Instructors - Instructors for each session for the ENGAGE Modules will be drawn from our pool of BGST Resident Faculty, Associate Lecturers, Guest Lecturers, experienced Christian leaders and industry practitioners.
  • Leadership Mentors - Experienced Christian leaders, and/or industry practitioners will be assigned to the students to mentor and guide them in their learning journey. 


Each of the ENGAGE Certificate Programme is taught in 4 modules, spread over 4 months to 1 year. A breakdown of each programme is provided in the respective ENGAGE Programme descriptions.


Each Module of the ENGAGE Certificate Programme is generally 10-13 hours. The Module topics are taught by industry and marketplace practitioners to allow learners to engage in relevant Christian conversations in a safe space.


The ENGAGE assignments are designed to help learners put their learnings into practical application in their context. The types of assignments include readings, reflection papers, learning point summaries, journalling, presentations, ministry application assignments, and coaching assessments.


  • Certificate of Attendance - This is awarded when you have attended all the Modules’ lectures but did not complete the assignments.
  • Certificate of Completion - This is awarded when you have attended the lectures and completed the assignments of all the Modules. 


Students who have successfully completed any ENGAGE Certificate Programmes, can acquire 3.0 elective credits. These credits can be transferred and counted into BGST’s Postgraduate Programmes upon completion of further assignments.

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