[Past Event] ENGAGE Executive Workshop: Engaging LGBT Friends and Issues at the Workplace

Workshop [Past Event] ENGAGE Executive Workshop: Engaging LGBT Friends and Issues at the Workplace
13 September 2019

Date  13 September 2019 (Friday)
Time  7 - 10pm (dinner provided at 6.30pm)
Venue  Level 1, 51 Middle Road

What is ENGAGE?

Let’s face it: When confronted with challenging issues regarding faith and culture, many Christians find themselves at a loss, without a framework for living out our faith in actual situations among real people. In this first ENGAGE Executive Workshop, we look at how to be good witnesses to our LGBT friends and colleagues at the workplace.

Why should I attend? 

This workshop will provide a space to address these questions in a community:

  • What are some of the opportunities and challenges that Christians face when relating to bosses, employees, colleagues, clients, or customers in the marketplace? 
  • How can we understand and affirm non-discrimination and diversity, at the same time celebrating a biblical ethic for sexuality? 
  • What does "loving thy neighbour" actually look like in practical terms - whether interpersonal and relational, or regarding company culture and policy? 
  • How can Christians negotiate the influence and pressure from diverse voices in a global marketplace?  
  • How can we avoid self-righteousness?  

Who should attend?

  • Junior, middle and senior level executives 
  • Business owners
  • Pastors and church leaders
Speakers and Facilitators

  • Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok (BGST Lecturer in Missiology and Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Ps Ian Toh (Senior Pastor of 3:16 Church)
  • Featuring executives with experience in corporate diversity and HR 

BEFORE the workshop: you will receive a curated resource package about the theology of sexuality and related case studies. These will include video lectures, audio podcasts, and readings.

DURING the workshop:

  • Outlining our issues and concerns (with Ms Wendy Wong, Visual Recorder)

In this brainstorming session, we will illustrate the trends, challenges, and opportunities that Christians encounter in relating to the LGBT community in the marketplace.

  • Personal Relationships: Sharing and Discussion 1

Explore what being a safe person to the LGBT community looks like at work. Hear from an executive who has experienced discrimination due to their sexual orientation and a pastor of a ministry that provides stories and resources for Christians who want to know more about LGBT issues.

  • Work Policies and Practices: Sharing and Discussion 2

“What position should we take if we are a member of a diversity committee?” 

“My company seems to be becoming more and more liberal! Is that an issue?” 

In this conversation, two senior executives at global corporations will present their views. There will also be an opportunity for participants to discuss scenarios and work out how to "love thy neighbour" in various contexts.

BGST affirms the NCCS statements about homosexuality (see bit.ly/nccs2017 and bit.ly/nccs2003).

Location: Middle Road , Level 1, 51 Middle Road Singapore, 188959
Lecturer : Kwa Kiem Kiok

Lecturer in Missiology and Integrative Studies

    Kiem-Kiok is a lecturer in Missiology and Integrative Studies. She brings her legal and theological training, as well as work experience from the marketplace, church, and para-church organizations into this role. Previously, a Lecturer and Registrar at the East Asia School of Theology, she taught a variety of courses in inter-cultural studies there. She has published on a diverse range of subject including a contextual commentary on Matthew (ATA, 2017). She contributed to the Dictionary of Christian Spirituality (Zondervan, 2011), as well as on religious harmony in Faith in an Age of Terror (BGST, 2018). She and her husband, a Methodist pastor, enjoy walking in the outdoors.


    1. Member, Domain Specific Review Board A, National Health Group, since 2009.
    2. Member, National Medical Ethics Committee, since 2010.
    3. Member, Transplant Ethics Committee, since 2012


    1. Participant and presenter, The Role of Women in the Asian Church: Perspectives from a new Generation of Asian Women Theologians. September 2012, Trinity Theological College, Singapore
    2. Participant, Beyond Literate Western Contexts: Honor, Shame and Assessment of Orality Preference. July 2014, International Orality Network.
    3. Participant and Chair of discussion, Christianity, Anthropology and the Problem of Difference. February 2015, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
    4. Participant, Urban Mission and Urban Transformation Consultation, Asian Centre for Mission, Kota Kinabalu, 2018


      • Towards a Model of Engagement in the Public Realm for the Methodist Church in Singapore (2007)

        BGST Courses Taught

        1. ID101: Christianity, Culture and Society
        2. ME103: Theology of Missions

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