[Past Event] The Faithful Scientist: Explorations in Christianity and Science

Conference [Past Event] The Faithful Scientist: Explorations in Christianity and Science
August 10 2020 | 07:30 AM (GMT+8)
August 15 2020 | 12:00 PM (GMT+8)

Brought to you by BGST,

in Collaboration with the Faraday Institute of Science and Religion, Cambridge, UK

The subject of the relationship of science to the Christian faith is a critical matter for our time. New Atheism has put many Western churches into a defensive position as science is used to attack biblical faith. Yet, many areas of scientific research are opening doors to more constructive conversation – even to the extent where science is raising questions it cannot answer by itself. This is an issue that Christians must consider carefully.

Conference Schedule:

10 August (7.30 pm–9.30 pm) Public Lecture: Opening Session is Free 
"The Limits Of Science" by Prof A Louis

11 August (7.30 pm–9.30 pm)
Science & Ethics
“Ethics & Nanotechnology” by Prof R. Cowburn
Panel Dialogue: Faith & Ethics in Science (facilitated by Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok)

12 August (7.30–9.30 pm)
Science & Human Origins
“Creation, Design, and Natural Selection” by Prof A Louis
Panel Dialogue: Science, Origins & the Scientific Life  (facilitated by Mr Quek Tze Ming) 

15 August (4.00 pm–6.00 pm)
Science, Natural Disasters, and Evil
“Are natural disasters the result of evil?” by Prof R. White
With Breakout Discussions

15 August (
7.30 pm-9.30 pm)

 Science & Christian Faith Past & Present
“How Christian Faith has influenced Scientists” by Prof R. White
Panel Dialogue: Scientists as Disciples (facilitated by Dr Lai Pak Wah)

Fees: S$50.00 – general public ,$35 – Full time Students

This Conference can be converted to a BGST 1.5 Credit Course at S$225, fully transferable to any Certificate or Programme that we offer.

Related Course: ID363 "The Faithful Scientist: Explorations in Christianity and Science" 1.5 Cr

Related Free Public Lecture (the Opening Session of the Conference): “The Limits Of Science”

For any queries or questions for the panel, please email faraday2020@bgst.edu.sg

Location: Zoom Classroom , own study place
Lecturer : Ard Louis

Ard Louis is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford, where he leads an interdisciplinary research group studying problems on the border between chemistry, physics and biology. A member of the International Society for Science and Religion, he writes and speaks widely on science and faith. He recently made a documentary Why Are We Here with David Malone and appeared in The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Lecturer : Robert White

Robert (Bob) White FRS is Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth Sciences at Cambridge University and Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. In 2018 he was awarded a Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, their highest award, in recognition of a lifetime’s achievement in research. He is also a Fellow of the Geological Society, an elected Member of the International Society for Science and Religion and several other professional bodies.

Lecturer : Russell Cowburn

Russell Cowburn FRS is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge, with research interests in nanotechnology and its application to magnetism, electronics and optics. He has held positions at the CNRS Paris, University of Durham and Imperial College London and is the founder of 3 start-up companies. He is the winner of the 2003 GSK Westminster Medal and Prize, the 2006 Degussa Science to Business Award, the 2007 Hermes International Technology Award, the 2008 Institute of Physics Paterson Medal and Prize and the 2016 Royal Society Paterson Medal.

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